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Christmas from mall to mall

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Sunway Pyramid
sunway pyramid
Sunway Pryamid again

sunway pyramid

The Gardens

the curve


The Gardens
the gardens

The Curve

the curveAnd that concludes my KL trip. The jakun in me go ‘wahhh…so nice…’ at every mall’s Christmas decoration. Cheap cheap, see see, no need money wan. There is a big sale going on but nothing very attractive.

10 Responses to “Christmas from mall to mall”

  1. Hai,though I don’t celebrate Christmas,I can’t help admiring the beautiful Christmas decorations in the favorite shopping malls.KL shopping centres take great pains to decorate their premises for any festive season!Just beautiful!Malaysia is a great multiracial country!Cant wait to get to KL tomorrow!My daughter stays at a nearby condo near the Curve.So I’ll peek into the Christmas decor there and in 1-Utama.Lovely photo snaps!Mischievous looking kid you’ve got.hehehe

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    mamasita´s last blog post..Happy days in the blogsphere.

  2. The Gardens’ decor is pretty. Thanks for sharing the photos, Lilian.

  3. I’m from KL and trust me, though I’m having my holidays, I have not seen any of those Christmas deco in any of those malls. Having Christmas shopping spree?

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  4. Sunway Pyramid??? I live a stone throw away from the mall.

    But anyway I just got back from PD. You still in KL???

  5. Wah so nice lah! I love to go to the Malls just to look at their decor.
    It’s also nice to go to the bigger hotels too…… just to get into the Christmas mood.

    So far, I have seen a silver Christmas tree, a gold one and even a black one! There’s one at a restaurant decorated with skulls (paper cut-out ones).Most of the decor were out at least 6 weeks before Christmas …. I guess it’s to make full use of it.

    And then comes the boring part …taking down the tree and before you know it the Chinese New Year decors are up!!I am already hearing Chinese New Year songs on tv! Tong tong chiang, gong xi, gong xi!

  6. People still shop for Xmas and CNY clothes like no need money like that. Still not yet feel the pain mah. Hehe…

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  7. Oh, how I envy u going to all these malls but ‘sigh’…I am still in quarantine…

    sweet jasmine´s last blog post..How to Save a Sinking Sofa………

  8. Arrgghh… I thought of going out last weekend to take photos of all the Christmas deco but couldn’t because people were jamming it up… 🙁

    Nice pics.. Now, I don’t know what else to blog…

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Two Years Ago…

  9. looks like you cover all shopping mall in KL !!!

  10. Aik?? No go 1-Utama kah??? Big shopping complex mah..

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..What a Happy day!!!