Will you help the children of Payatas this Christmas?

It looks like a scene from some horror movies where children have to scavenge for foods in rubbish dumps. People like us who live comfortable lives cannot imagine if we have not seen them with our own eyes. Being a parent who is highly protective of my own kids, making sure they are well fed and given a comfortable home, it just breaks my heart to see the video on the children of Payatas in the Philippines.

children of payatas
(photo courtesy of TV Smith)

It is rather bizarre to see children scrambling for foods, picking up dirty sausages from rubbish dump infested with flies and maggots to feed themselves. But the story is not something I picked up from the internet. Our local Malaysia blogger and famous photographer, TV Smith was there to capture the photos and shared the story on his blog. It is real. And it is here in our neighbouring country. How can I turn a blind eye on the hardship faced by these children? What kind of illnesses are they suffering from the dirty living condition? Do they even have a future?

These children and their families wait for the lorry loads of rubbish to be dump and they will scramble to pick up things they can salvage. They even pick up foods amongst those flies and maggots and whatever that look edible, will be their meals.

After watching the above video, I am compelled to share their plights with readers and I hope all of you will also tell your friends about these children. If you are in the spirit of giving this festive season, how about making a small donation for these children?

The organizers, The Lighthouse Center For Children Foundation and Totedaddy.com have initiated a charity drive to help the children and community of Payatas. We can also chip in with a small donation through our local banks as well. You can find information on the official site call Christmas for Payatas and see the sportsmen, celebrities and other well-wishers doing their parts to help the children of Payatas.

Below is the screenshot of some of our local banks where you can remit your donation.

The other alternative is donation by credit card like Visa or Mastercard.

So, my dear friends, parents, readers and all who stumbled upon this post, do tell the others about these children from the dumps. They need all the help they can to get out of their bleak, miserable slum. Every little bit from us help. Whether it is the publicity to share their stories, a request for donation or just a little prayer and thought from us. When we are looking at how comfortable our kids are and how well fed they are, remember these children from Payatas. Let’s make their days a little bit brighter and better.
christmas for payatas

You can view more photos of these children, their living conditions and other poignant scenes from Christmas for Payatas site.

8 thoughts on “Will you help the children of Payatas this Christmas?

  1. This is a very noble thing you do. Lilian.
    I shall dig deeper into my pockets.
    Times like these really had me reflect upon myself about the cost of humanity.
    This year, I will say to my wife that I have donated her Christmas present to charity. Who needs presents when there are children sufferings?

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  2. I wish the Church leaders in Philippines would also see this video and understand the effect of their refusal to accept the reason why population needs to be controlled.

    Who wants to see their kids suffer?

  3. Will have a look. My church is also constantly giving funds to the batu 30 Orang Asli tribe. It is indeed disgusting to know what while these people scramble for a grain of rice… there are so many people out there who are so rich they can afford to soak themselves in yogurt. we certainly need a more equal wealth distribution.

    zewt´s last blog post..Generation condemnation

  4. hello! im 19 frm pg also. May i know more about your job as a volunteer in hospital? I just finished my stpm and is considering to be one too.

  5. Dear Lilian,
    I was a missionary for three years and spent a year in Philippines, working in the slums like this one. Place I was in was dubbed Smokey Mountain in Balut. After serving the kids there, our clothes and even underwear will stink so bad we had to wash them twice a day (we went twice a day). Just a jeepney ride & MRT away will be the cosmopolitan city of Makati where rich expats and Filipinos spend more on a Starbucks than a bunch of kids on their dinner. Its funny and sad that way. Thanks for championing this on your website. God bless you! And blessed Christmas to you!

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