Suddenly, I do not know what to write. In fact, I have wanted to leave this blog, untouch for many more days. But I am afraid some of you may suffer withdrawal symptoms. So, being the kind, gentle, sweet, friendly, angelic soul that I am, I decided to blog.

I realised there is only 21 days to Christmas and I haven’t bring out my Christmas tree yet. After looking at all the elaborate Christmas decorations in the shopping malls in KL, I have a bit of low self-esteem where my 4 ft Christmas tree is concerned. I bought a box of Christmas tree ornaments from IKEA which costs only RM19.90, As seen on TV price, for 48 pieces of silver balls, hearts and other ornaments. But suddenly, those Christmas baubles look so plain when compared to those Baroque style ornaments.

christmas tree 

Talking about KL, I seriously wonder if KL-ites are all millionaires? They thronged the shopping malls even on Monday mornings. They jammed the car parks at shopping malls even on Tuesday. They packed the boutiques selling designer brands products even on Wednesday. No wonder our PM-in-waiting said, “Semua ok, tarak recession.” Just look at those people shopping! I wonder if I am being pessimistic in anticipating a recession and is Matthias Chang going to lose his RM5K bet? People are spending money and I am the paranoid one, not wanting to buy anything except for a few books. We passed by Coach bags store and my #2 son, in trying to get me to spend money, so that he can spend even more without feeling guilty, nudged me, “Ma, Coach bag, sale, quickly go and buy.”

KL Twin Tower

So that pretty sums up my trip. I touch, see, envy but I didn’t spend a dime. In fact, none of us spend much because we stayed with my brother as our original plan was to stay for two nights but we dragged on to four nights ‘cos one of the car was sent to the mechanic and we have too many malls to go.

Now, I wonder where are my blogging marbles? I seem to not know what to write. Very strange for someone who can posts 3-4 posts in a day.

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  1. I have the same feeling like you too when I was in KL. Ppl shopping as if everything is cheap. You see ppl carrying paper bags every where you go. Strange isn’t it? I also look, touch, and envy only.

    Choonie´s last blog post..SMB Kuching High on Fire

  2. KL -ites must have make shopping part of their life as the last time I was there on a week day , hubz had to circle many times around a shopping mall to get into the parking lot as there were no parking space available. Its just so hectic to stay in KL.

    Don’t worry lilian, your ‘enjine’ will be working again after some needed rest…..

    sweet jasmine´s last blog post..How to Save a Sinking Sofa………

  3. Ok ok.. Me is KL-lang and I can tell you-la. Lots of folks are crowding around the shopping mall and most are seen to be carrying loads of bags. But, it is NOT as good as it used to be. Many folks are just walking aimlessly around enjoying the air-cond.

    It’s nuts! I thought we were in recession? Parking in 1U was full before 12pm last weekend!!!

    However, the restaurants are showing signs of slow-down as some places are not up to full capacity. This, being exception of KLCC-la….

    Anyway, in KLCC, the crowd there are more touristy than KL-lang type. I work there, I hardly can afford to go lunch there dei…

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  4. Yea I wonder too… everybody seems so rich, all those girls in the malls all carrying designer handbag… even here anak datuk bring big big LV handbag dat cost rm10k to class when there are so many poor ppl out there that need money to eat.

    really.. I wonder what’s in those ppl mind nowadays.

  5. No lah, not all KL-ites are millionaire lah. Actually it is a very common scene in KL, I am in PJ and I too wonder sometimes where these people come from. But majority of them are just “window shopping” lah……just watch carefully how many of them actually carry bags of goods shopped. Everyone just walking around to pass time and most important, free aircon!
    But I have this explanations, during times like these, many of the well heeled tend to find things to do with their money like renovate their house, go for long overseas trip or go shopping. You will be amazed by how many house renovation that is going on now in the KL-PJ area. I am not talking about small scale renovation work ok, big time tear everything down and rebuild kind of renovations.
    Angie Tan – Never never go to 1U or The Curve during weekend, you will curse yourself. I stay in BU area and we only go 1U or The Curve during weekdays….no so much crowd loh. I stay there and sometimes going in and out of that area already give me high blood pressure……used to be very good back in the mid 90’s, now ah, you must know the “schedule” otherwise you get caught.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  6. well, in JB, the malls crowd r still as usual, cars on the road (incl causeway) dun seem to b any lesser too, even during the RM2.70 period….mayb v shud juz think on the +ve side….tats msian in general not beli much affected…tat v r still earning as usual….no no…definately not like wat Zewt think..no…..

  7. Toolan:
    Correct. If I go to 1U or Ikea I try to reach there before 11.00am on weekends. But the family doesn’t quite understand, think I am paranoid, trying to get them into the car by 10.30. A bit, maybe, ‘cos I grew up in Penang and for nearly 25 years lived in a peaceful kampong. Needless to say, almost never go to the Megamall or Sg Wang because of the atrocious parking.
    Understood what you meant, last week dropped the wife and daugther at U1 but after 4 hours they only bought a discounted Padini jeans. I know, I know, we are not related to Robert K or the Sultan of Brunei but still that was awfully a long session of retail therapy.

    Best and Merry Christmas to all !

  8. The Rich peoples are not from KL lah…! they just come holidaying in kl and shopping to their fullest lah.
    But i agree with some of the youngster carrying expensive handbag. That day, i saw one lady, very young, maybe 22 or 24 like that carrying the expensive LV handbag and drive the new jaguar car. Ayooooo…i parked next to her also malu..

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..The Incredible Me

  9. Yup, we spent two half-days with the girls at Ikea&Ikano on Tuesday and Thursday but the crowd was like weekend, tak syiok la!
    BTW, read ur message in my blog. It’s ok. We didn’t go anywhere that weekend only stand-by with lots of food;). Hubby played golf for two days but he would be right back if you decide to come lah!

    mama22beas´s last blog post..Sharing an old pic

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