These Boots Are Made for Walkin

The above song immediately popped into my mind when I saw these adorable ugg boots. If you have not heard of ugg boots, then you will want to see how cute they are. Too bad our hot weather does not permit it or else I would love to get them for my little boy.

The boots are described as insanely comfortable. LOL, I wonder what is insanely comfortable? I guess it feels like walking barefoot on the grass. Cooling, airy and light. But of course, the boots are made for winter because it is lined with wool. Yet, according to the manufacturer, it won’t stinks. So imagine a soft layer of wool protecting the toes in snow. Hmmm…rhyming….toes in snow

Talking about walking barefoot, how often have you done that? When was the last time you walk without wearing shoes? Or allow your little kids to do the same? My kids love to do that if I allow them. So, that’s what I did today. I took them to the flower fest that is ongoing and let them loose in the botanic gardens. They ran like monkeys unleashed in the wild.

Therefore, mommies and daddies, remember to take lots of photos of your child walking, barefoot preferably. They look awfully cute when they just started toddling and those are moments worth capturing on video. And if you live in the temperate countries, get the little toes protection with a pair of ugg boots.

4 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made for Walkin

  1. When does the flower fest end? Read about it in the newspapers but forgot about it. Maybe can pop-by this weekend and try the roti canai/kari pop snacks ?? from the stall you posted.

  2. domino – This Sunday. But now the flowers are already rotting away liao lor. Nothing much to see lah, unless you really like orchids or take photos.

  3. Aiyoh Lilian, you know why they call it uggs? Because it’s UGGLY lah!

    But nevermind got people who like Crocs also.

    To each his own otherwise these shops will chap lap liao!

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