How nice if we have a magic wand like photo editing softwares

P/S : I have set my blog RSS to summary for the time being because of too many scrappers. The moment I hit Publish, at least 10 other blogs get my new post on their blardy copycats blog. Assholes! Go find better things to do than scrapping other bloggers’ blog posts. You cannot get rich doing these lame, small time theft of stealing contents.

In case you do not know, those programs we use to edit our photos have a feature call ‘Magic Wand’. It is the ‘one click, solves all problem’ kind of solution. How I wish I have a magic wand now. I would love to :

1) Magically make my short-sightedness and far-sightedness poof! and give me perfect eyesight so that I do not have to squint when I wake up. I can also save a lot of money, time and effort if I do not have to wear contact lenses, buy contact lenses solution and make eyeglasses.

2) I will magic wand for bigger boobs. But no, I won’t be able to handle that. Nay..cancel this one. I do not want to end up like the Desperate Housewives, flaunting a pair of boobs to plumbers and gardeners.

3) I will sit here on my desk and magic wand all the things I need to write.

4) Make my Christmas tree self-decorating. Oh wait, today, my housekeeper is here so she can magically dig out the Christmas tree from whatever corner it is hiding. So, thank God for helpful housekpeers.

5) Take the magic wand and whack the sun for shinning so brightly on my butt when I was still snoring away in bed.

Hmmm…while I have it, why don’t I just make all the people I dislike disappear?

P/S 2 : Those of you who sms me on U Mobile, I promise to work on them soon. Now where is my magic wand?

2 thoughts on “How nice if we have a magic wand like photo editing softwares

  1. hehehe..a lil’ big boobs is ok least can flaunt a bit the special assets mah..
    But if i can get the magic wand..i also want to make those jelousy people dissapear from office..tensen liao with them..

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..The Incredible Me

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