I was having lunch at a coffeeshop at Air Putih and this rather pretty young girl came and approach us while I was concentrating on picking my fish head. She started rattling off in Mandarin and opened a clear folder with photos of her with various handicapped persons. She flipped through them like those are some catalogues. I always dislike people using other people pitiful condition for their own gains. Whether it is for political mileage like how our BN politicians posing with orang cacat to show us how prihatin they are, whether it is this girl using the retarded children photo for her own commission.


Then, in the late afternoon, after I have digested my lunch, I went to Batu Lancang wet market for some marketing. Since I am there, I mah eat char koay teow and cendol lor. Hungry ledi mah…

And this time, a young man, able bodied, with two legs, two arms and two eyes also did the same tactic of ‘collecting donation for charity, show kesian-kesian old folks photos’ modus operandi. Niamah.

char koay teow

Of course, both times, my hubby and I ignored them. If I want to do charity, I can go there myself, no need go through middle man who collects commission. Moreover, I don’t think I have heard of those charitable organisations before.

After the young man moved to another table, an old man came. This time, he rattled off in Hokkien. He stood next to my loukong and told him that he used to work in construction site. But now, he has asthma and his eyes don’t see so well. To make it more dramatic, he was holding a bottle of inhaler. Chey…..want to bluff Ah Cheh meh? My sons all small small also used that before lah.


If that’s not enough, after my loukong ignored him, waved him off and continue eating char koay teow, he came and stood by my side pulak. Tiu. Now, he started the same story but he used Cantonese pulak. Ish…You know lah, my heart very soft wan, I see people like that, I got kesian a bit also lah. But hor, when the old man made it so dramatic, covering all bases like how he worked hard in construction (this is to stop people from accusing of being lazy, never work), his eyes getting blinded and he has difficulties breathing, need the inhaler which is expensive…..I also can get tulan lah. I want to eat and enjoy my char koay teow, Ah Pek. The most I would do is to offer him a plate of char koay teow and kopi-o. I am not going to give money, ok? If I got so much money to give to every beggar who passes by, I would be eating high tea with scones and English tea at Rasa Sayang Hotel lah….tiu. Not eating at some wet markets lah.

But hor, these blardy beggars all don’t really need our compassion one. If you offer them foods, they will reject it. They only want money. Not just a few cents but dollar notes. Some even got the nerve to fix a price, “Ah Ee, hor wa nor koh.” KNN, call me Ah Ee, somemore want me to give $2. Want gor tiau or not ah? (fivers = slap)

You would think that it is the end of beggars encounter. No…..after I finished the char koay teow, I went to the market building. There is a beggar at every junction. Those faking a bloodied, bandaged leg. Those with crutches. Those with bandaged arm and if you are new to my island, you would think that they get stigmata (those people who can bleed on their own like Jesus’s scars) because they ‘bleed’ from the same wound from January to December.

You see, my point is, it is not that I do not care about those poor folks. But when the State Government doesn’t take some proactive steps to curb these people from begging every where, then, it will make us, the public more jaded towards helping people. We will end up having the idea that all those asking for donations are fake. So, what the State Government can do is to improve the welfare department and get more people to go down to the streets and help the really hard core poor. Make it a community project, working closely with churches, mosques, Buddhist, Taoist, Sikh, Hindu etc temples committees. Centralised things and I am sure there are lots of kind folks out there willing to help the poor and needy.

And for those fake beggars, skali take a stick and break their legs if they keep faking it to cheat people. For those pretty girls who are going around from table to table at coffeeshops, go work in some place where there are rich men, and become yee-lai, more profitable and comfortable ler. It uses the same principle, cheat our money or cheat one sui yee. Bwahahaha…