Burps (from Penang 3rd food bloggers gathering)

I just came back from the 3rd Penang Food bloggers gathering which is a potluck. Must sit down and wait for the food to digest before I sleep. So, here’s a quick post. Above are some of the food bloggers snapping photos of the foods we bring.

penang food bloggers 3rd gathering potluck

Initially, I thought the foods are rather little as there are 12 of us. I only bring a small platter and wonder if there is enough foods for everyone. However, it turned out that there are sausages, prawns, a whole roasted chicken hiding in the kitchen, waiting to be barbequed.

Here are the bloggers who came, and the foods they bring:

cheese fondue

1. Jason & Gill – Fondue with baguettes / Mini burger (beef) / some rice for Ken’s Pork Ribs . Jason and Gill graciously hosted the gathering. Thanks a bunch, Jason and Gill! Sorry I didn’t stay back to help clean up. Hehehe. *grins* ‘Cos I never drive the Vale of Temp road at night, so must cabut early mah. Scared midway, got some white long dress girl fly by wor.

2. Ken Chan – Cantonese Style Spicy & Sour Pork Ribs / Sausages. Ken cooked the pork ribs and bought he sausages and roasted chicken all the way from KL.


3. Lilian – Smoked Salmon Tapas Appetizer with herb/cheese foccacia, freshly baked.

smoked salmon on foccacia

4. Lingzie – Cheesecake brownie & calamansi pudding. Thanks, Lingzie for organising the event.


5. Steven – Kimchi Fried Rice which is very tasty, full of kimchi flavour. I normally do not like fried rice but this one is good.


6. Criz Lai – Western & Oriental Fusion. Criz’s dish is the most elaborate of all, with a cute cartoonish fruit carving and four season style of dishes. Thanks also for the pair of chopstick.

creation of crizfood.com

7. Allen Ooi – Mashed potatoes. Poor Allen is not feeling so well so he missed pigging out on all the lovely foods.

(allen’s potato is up there with Ken’s pork ribs)

8. CK Lam – Sushi Rolls. CK’s most lavish sushi. Ate three.


9. thenomadGourmand – Fruits. Rebecca, I still do not know why I thought you were a guy. Must be the Punjabi dancers post. Thanks for the lovely mangoes, jambus, watermelons….


10. 550ml Jar of Faith (Min) – Disposable Utensil (paper cup & plate) and a lovely Hakka dish call abascus something. I ate so much of Min’s abacus dish made of yam and tapioca flour.

Hakka abacus

It is nice to have a small gathering like this because we get to share our make money secrets, the kind of moronic commentors we get, exchange tips on where to eat and basically, we get to pig out with lots of lovely foods. We are lucky to have Jason and Gill who are experts in preparing foods like roasted pork dipped in cheese fondue. Burps.

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  1. Always wanted to ask. Why my avatar in the comment section all dark ar? Why!!!???

  2. Tan silly – Yes, siu bak that is roasted till hot and crispy and then, dipped into cheese, yummmm…..’Cos you got blacklisted lor. (actually you never upload a photo at gravatar.com)

    CLF – Yes, so yummy but too bad the tummy got no more space.

  3. Wow…a food bloggers gathering! Thanks for reminding us of all the delicious food found in Malaysia. We’re coming back to attack them sooooooon

    I have this theme too – will you marah if I use it for Christmas too? 😉

    KittyCat´s last blog post..A Multilingual Muddle

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