Wuah si peh sienz ler

I woke up this morning, all prepared to return to do my volunteer stuffs. Hubby and my relative who does housekeeping both asked me, “Eh today holiday, still must go meh?”

So, I lansi replied, “Holiday also people still sick mah….must go one…..”

I got dressed, ate my breakfast and was leaving the house. Inner voice told me, “Don’t be so disciplined lah, phone up first, see got clinic or not?” The last time I went there during the Merdeka holiday, the place was deserted and I ended up driving 40 minutes to and fro and came back after spending 15 minutes there because it is a freaking public holiday and all patients have gone home for the weekend except for one or two whom have their own relatives visiting them. Hospitals are mighty spooky when they are all quiet and isolated.

So, I called. And the reception told me clinics not opened. I also changed back to my rotting at home clothes. And have been rotting the whole morning and afternoon.


Did one paid post.

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And what do people do on weekends and public holidays?

Go to the malls lor. See you at Queensbay!

So, what do you do on a long weekend like this?

13 thoughts on “Wuah si peh sienz ler

  1. Public holiday or weekends, I stay at home. Weekdays I go to the mall.

    The rest of the time, I read this damn blog. LOL.

  2. Like Tun I also prefer going to the mall on weekdays.
    Less crowded easy parking location but no “feel”

  3. Lilian, if I knew you going to Queensbay, I go too lah! We can meet up and eat …. but wait I just ate there on Saturday night at Kim Gary…… Sunday too lazy so call up Dominos. Aiyoyo….

    Holiday time I just eat and sleep , sleep and eat but this evening I very kwai kwai ( more like guilt) , I went to the gym for 2 hours.

  4. Wuah lu si peh pun t’ua loh, never update your blog fast fast like last time one? sienz loh, no new things to see one……………….

  5. Read, eat, sleep – unfortunately sleeping is not an easy option since the little one is very busy making me keep up with him.

    But I actually dread the mall on a long weekend, getting in and out is horrible, not to mention the crowd.

    A good selection of DVDs sound nice too ; )

    Busy Bee´s last blog post..I think my baby has engaged!

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