I am either sick of blogging or I am sick of the purpose of it

These days, I have very little desire to make postings on my personal blog because I am really sick of writing. Not sure why but each time I write, I just delete them. It is not what I wanted to write is not worth writing but just the thought of sharing those seem meaningless.

I still update the other blogs because they make me money. This blog, not much money, only the attention seeking part of me like it. Hehehe.

For example, I wanted to rant about the lack of attention given to the recent bus crash in Tangkak that killed 9 people. Or was it 10? Whatever happened to the Bus crash no more hoohaa? Is the people who were behind the so-called campaign still pursuing this? Why do I not hear anything from those young people whom earlier were all so loud and gungho about doing something through their buscrashnomore.blogspot? Have they forgotten the girl who died, Nian Ning? Where are you guys now? Are you guys still pursuing the Road and Transport Ministry for answers? Or have the comfort of your lives made you jaded to do anything? Busy sipping coffee at Starbucks? (remember the sarcastic posting from Shadowfox?) From what I see, the blog has been left untouched since January.

Then, there is the stupid National Service ruling which insisted the sister of the young man who died in NS MUST join the NS. It was the most lame, pathetic, insensitive, sick to my stomach kind of attitude of our brainless people who runs the country. For God’s sake, the family have two kids. One son died in NS and they die die insist that the sister must also go to NS. Why can’t they just leave the family alone and allow the girl to skip NS? Why do they have to argue over this for so long, keeping the family worried and only finally relented to allow her to postpone it? Don’t they know this action make the whole Malaysian government the most farked up, brainless, heartless, bodoh authority?

And there is the landslide that killed four people in that rich men area. I ranted about how greed, lack of enforcement and sheer tidak-apa of our authorities have caused people to perish in my Faith Blog. Do you seriously think we are going to do anything about it? Nah ah, more landslide will occur because our approving parties are greedy, the contractors are greedy, the buyers are vain (and wish to live on hills) and Lillian Too and Joey Yap and all fengshui masters contributed to this, live on hill, see sea idealogy of having a fortune.

All these stupid going ons in our country sometimes left me speechless. Sometimes, they made me want to thrash the Government. But wisdom tells me to shut up.

That’s why I have come to this stage where I just don’t feel like saying anything at all. I better go back to my writing project (that doesn’t involve online thing), reading and watching marathon TVB drama.

13 thoughts on “I am either sick of blogging or I am sick of the purpose of it

  1. I know how you feel. Nothing will change in this country.

    I blog in my personal blog to rant/talk about stuff but these days, don’t seem to have much mood to blog as well. Sometimes, we need a break-la.

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  2. Hi Lilian, don’t we felt a little ironic that all law enforcement authorities seems to be lack of concern or rather said being conveniently forgotten while busying busting people rallying HINDRAF, JERIT, Anti-ISA and BERSIH (to name a few)?

    There are more important issues to be taken care of IMHO than doing the suppressing work isn’t it? But, of course not all police force are behave like that, and subjective to some known peoples.

    I guess the real reformation is far too early to tell but at least March 8 election does tell the government that the people are sick of their arrogance and state of denial. Can’t wait till the next election that to see how the people show their 2nd degree of disappointment and sadness. Maybe CHEDET was right, the people dislike the leadership, and we all keep our eyes opened and see what’s next from the coalition does.

  3. For someone who didn’t want to say anything, you really said a lot. I wonder what would happen if you wanted to say “something”?

  4. kak teh – Hahhaa, this one is call berletering. Saying so many things when there is nothing to say.

    blink4blog – Nowadays, it seem innocent people lives aren’t important anymore. People can just die here and there and no one bothers to take responsibilities and no one get any punishment for the negligence. Yet, simple issues like Jerit get so much attention and blown into such big issue. Really sick of how the Government treat priorities, isn’t it?

    angie – I hari hari berak, no break. Hahaha. Eh, same number of alphabets hor?

  5. One point in your “berletering” strikes me. It’s about the bodoh NS ruling that requires the sister of the young man who die during NS must join NS (I did not know about this). This is outright ridiculous! I think the sister should be exempted instead. Hey, btw what do you think you would do if you are the parent?

  6. I had so many things in mind that I wished to blog bout. But sometimes, I just felt too lazy to blog bout those stuff. Moreover, no one is reading my kind of crap and I kinda lost the motivation to blog as well.. That’s why the new blog is still so empty.

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  7. yea, TVB can be a great escape… but believe, me.. you will miss blogging, blogging is like a drug… you can’t stop…

  8. it’s sad isnt it? i am so fed up with things that i feel like flaming those who continue to write. what they do is just repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.

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  9. I am worried because of another death after NS trainings. My name appeared in the list, I deferred it because I wanna study! Now I need to defer it for the second time, I am now commencing my studies overseas, at the same time, hope the system will get better.

    What have we got? We still have death! Doesn’t the government knows that it’s so unfair for people to die young? Insistence of the sister to go for NS despite losing her brother (due to NS) is a blatant inconsideration of ppl’s feelings. They should exempt her from the training instead.

    Will things get better? I bet not on BN’s regime.

  10. Dear Lilian,
    Me too!
    Do not know why I am so tulan nowadays and also don’t feel like blogging.
    The damn country is getting stupidier everyday.
    See the press report this morning? The Bangga taking over Sg. Buloh in KL and where are the gormen people?
    What is next? Nepalis? Myanmars? Viets? China Ah Peks?
    The entire putrajaya asleep!

    Maybe I go play my Playstation3!!!
    Second childhood mah!

    Cheers and Regards
    Birds Talking Too

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