These days, I have very little desire to make postings on my personal blog because I am really sick of writing. Not sure why but each time I write, I just delete them. It is not what I wanted to write is not worth writing but just the thought of sharing those seem meaningless.

I still update the other blogs because they make me money. This blog, not much money, only the attention seeking part of me like it. Hehehe.

For example, I wanted to rant about the lack of attention given to the recent bus crash in Tangkak that killed 9 people. Or was it 10? Whatever happened to the Bus crash no more hoohaa? Is the people who were behind the so-called campaign still pursuing this? Why do I not hear anything from those young people whom earlier were all so loud and gungho about doing something through their buscrashnomore.blogspot? Have they forgotten the girl who died, Nian Ning? Where are you guys now? Are you guys still pursuing the Road and Transport Ministry for answers? Or have the comfort of your lives made you jaded to do anything? Busy sipping coffee at Starbucks? (remember the sarcastic posting from Shadowfox?) From what I see, the blog has been left untouched since January.

Then, there is the stupid National Service ruling which insisted the sister of the young man who died in NS MUST join the NS. It was the most lame, pathetic, insensitive, sick to my stomach kind of attitude of our brainless people who runs the country. For God’s sake, the family have two kids. One son died in NS and they die die insist that the sister must also go to NS. Why can’t they just leave the family alone and allow the girl to skip NS? Why do they have to argue over this for so long, keeping the family worried and only finally relented to allow her to postpone it? Don’t they know this action make the whole Malaysian government the most farked up, brainless, heartless, bodoh authority?

And there is the landslide that killed four people in that rich men area. I ranted about how greed, lack of enforcement and sheer tidak-apa of our authorities have caused people to perish in my Faith Blog. Do you seriously think we are going to do anything about it? Nah ah, more landslide will occur because our approving parties are greedy, the contractors are greedy, the buyers are vain (and wish to live on hills) and Lillian Too and Joey Yap and all fengshui masters contributed to this, live on hill, see sea idealogy of having a fortune.

All these stupid going ons in our country sometimes left me speechless. Sometimes, they made me want to thrash the Government. But wisdom tells me to shut up.

That’s why I have come to this stage where I just don’t feel like saying anything at all. I better go back to my writing project (that doesn’t involve online thing), reading and watching marathon TVB drama.