I am going to ponder over things, Facebook style.

  • Lilian wonders if she can still find a decent place to stay in Langkawi, which she hopes to go next week.
  • Lilian wonders why the novels nowadays do not have the kind of flowery languages like those classic tales?
  • Lilian hopes to finish reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and learn not to be like Dorian, using the blog as Dorian used his picture (learnt this in psychology class hehehe)
  • Lilian wishes to read all the Enid Blyton’s series all over again but she doesn’t have enough time to spare because she prefers trashy novels.
  • Lilian is the poor mother who has to play Pet Society on Facebook against her will because her son demanded that she visits all the 55 friends to earn 20 gold coins x 55 friends.  (the reason he gave?  “Mommy, you so free, you go visit my Pet Society friends lah!”  tiu)
  • moses_chan.jpg
    (This is Moses Chan. Picture taken from Bakgwa, no, not the bak kua but pat kwa hehehe)

  • Lilian cannot figure out why she likes Moses Chan.  He looks so ‘ngong kui, pak chi, sor  hai’ and yet, she doesn’t mind wasting time watching TVB dramas, any dramas with Moses Chan in it.
  • Lilian is happy because it is Wednesday already and that means, Thursday and Friday are days when she can wake up as late as she wants.
  • Lilian wishes her regular Chao Ah Beng will burn better DVD which can plays on her Mac instead of ‘Skipping over damage portion’ mahfan.
  • Lilian is so pleased her Hainanese blood with excellent cooking skill has enabled her to make the awesome Hakka dish ‘Suan Pan Zhi’ (Hakka Abacus) while her four Hakka sisters-in-law have not heard of this dish.
  • Lilian is very sure her Hakka ancestors-in-law are going to be so pleased with her.  And her Hainanese ancestors are boasting to her Hakka ancestors-in-law, “Nang boh ti nang, kui boh ti kui, phu lang kang”  (sorry orh, I do not know Hainanese and these are the only two sentences I know)

And that concludes another post in the life of the boring 5xmom.