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The other day during the Penang food bloggers gathering, we shared funny stories about our nasty commentors. The other food bloggers told me that some people left nasty comments on their blogs when these people feel the foods are not as tasty as what they blogged. These people never read the disclaimers and accused the bloggers of recommending them lousy places.

I was amused because I didn’t know people are that crazy and stupid. So far, I do not have any nasty comments left on my food blogs because I normally do not court controversy on my etc etc blogs. If there is, I would just delete them off because what’s the point of wasting my webhosting space. But Allen said, “Wah…your blog got the most flames wor…” I told him, “Yalah, on my personal blog got lah ‘cos I purposely stir shits just for fun mah. Just for entertainment only mah. But on my food blogs, I damn chicken one, dare not write nasty stuffs.”

Generally, our opinions as food bloggers are to try to avoid criticizing too much for fear of getting our foods spitted on before they are served to us (if the restaurants recognise our faces). However, we sometimes do make some complaints so that others will not blindly patronise a sucky eating place.

I think blogging have made me much wiser. Sometimes, those nasty comments left for us bloggers are actually a mirror of the person who left the comment. That person may hate their own mother/sister/brother/father or someone and since they cannot take it out on their blood relatives, they simply find one random blogger to release tension.

The other reason could be their conscience is grated by our words. They feel guilty but instead of quietly slither away, they get all defensive and explosive to cover their own shortcomings.

Then, there is the self-mutilating or self-hurting people who probably have too much pain inside them which cannot be expressed elsewhere. So, in real life, some people may cut themselves. Or they can try to invite people to scold them just to release their pains. Geddit?

Of course, there are the self-righteous ones who cannot wait to gain favour with their own perceived god. So, they must find random strangers to step on so that they can feel closer to their perceived god. One single mom blogger told me how often she got the flak from these self-righteous people who just love to lurk around her blog, waiting for a chance to masturbate themselves with their own holy-moly self.

Finally, there is one universal rule. All these sad, pathetic people actually come in droves. If you allow one to shit, the rest will creep out of their hidings and try to take a bite at your leg. So, the best way to deal with them to is DELETE DELETE DELETE, SPAM SPAM SPAM, BLACKLIST BLACKLIST BLACKLIST. Don’t ever take things personally because the problem is not with us, but with them.

So, yeah, bloggers unite!

And that concludes the blogging tip for today from the effervescent and bubbly 5xmom who was trained in miserable 6 weeks of psychology course and thinks she is a Dr. Quack already. Bwahaha.

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  1. some of them do get to me, like the other day, someone left a comment saying that I was shallow, it was on my mind for a couple of days, sometimes, it made me wanting to improve my writing…

  2. I have this person leaving comments under different names and email addresses, just to attack on one MCA leader. I deleted two of her comments but she did not gave up, came back again and again. Finally I told her that my blog is not the right forum for her to settle whatever score she has with this MCA leader!

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  3. I only have one blog and there was one particular post i wrote few months ago about my husband’s new car. There was this anon commentator ranting..and ranting about how i brag about my husband car and told me with that car, my hubby will find a mistress soon. Tiu!!!! bodoh or not this type of commentator?????? Some more so chicken to use anon ID…

    kaDusMama┬┤s last blog post..Not so-Romantic Dinner in a Cave

  4. yeah its quite stressing esp when ur blog is being used to recommend food to other people..worse still u said the food was good, and the food turns out to be crap…sigh

    the life of a food blogger lor..when u get the right, u r god, when u get it wrong, u r shit.

    lotsofcravings┬┤s last blog post..Sage @ The Gardens Residences

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