..and the most entertaining Malaysian blogger award for 2008 goes to…

The year is drawing to an end.

Blogging wise, it has been an interesting year because 2008 is the year when we individuals with half a brain, half a pail of shit and a computer managed to make our Government peed in their pants. It is when our Government wake up from their slumber.

It is also a year when blogger and politician, Teresa Kok got detained under the ISA because her blog postings…..heck, I don’t even remember why they put Teresa Kok in ISA! It was one long confusing Chinese immigrant, menghina telor, dog food plots, wearing skirt in mosque compound, molotov cocktail that have become one blurry story only Hamik Kaynui can spins.

It is also the year when we can get detained simply for wearing a t-shirt with wordings “Free RPK”.

But social politics blogs are only interesting when they actually detained the blogger under ISA. Otherwise, it lacks the drama.

To cut the long speech short, I just want to state that the most interesting, controversial and entertaining Malaysian blog is none other than Shadowfox.

Who cares if what he said is morally right or wrong? It is interesting because he whacked ’em as he likes. Reading his blog is like having the little horns on our heads sharpened and yet, we do not need to actually use it. You get what I mean?

Many years ago, a lot more bloggers used to write controversial posts. I was one of them. Sadly, I now behave too well for my own liking. Maybe I should take down the Obnoxious word and change it to something more ‘regular’ like The Boring 5xmom, The Good Mannered 5xmom, The political correct 5xmom, The Perfect 5xmom, The Hypocrite 5xmom…..

Sigh….I miss those days when I can just write whatever I feel. Now cannot liao lor….Sad…

5 thoughts on “..and the most entertaining Malaysian blogger award for 2008 goes to…

  1. foong – Yalor, if only I can tembak like that, then, hari hari no need go pangsai also si-fook-sai. Hahaha.

    arlene – Thanks for alerting me! Go and buy NST now. Hehehe.

    bryan – Maybe I must start an anon blog hor? Oh wait, I got many anon blogs already.

  2. this is the year that main stream media sales went down.

    this is the year that main stream media start to less BS us (although at least 1 yet to know something called blog).

    this is the year that politics riding on Internet to win election or by-election.

    this is the year that so many campaign on the street can be organized via blog or the Internet in so short of time until the police can’t handle that much.

    this is the year that government put on their eyes to monitor bloggers, perhaps they had budget allocated to hire junkies sit there to read blog and scan words?

    this is the year where economy dies and born in the Internet

    this is the year where petrol price behave like KLSE in Malaysia where inflation is the cost.

    this is the year where 50 years of problems “to be”resolved in 3 months before he goes

    this is the year where alleged murdered will be the next government head

    this is the year where politician play race card openly where some sent to ISA and some refused to apology and get away with it after a few days of huu-haa

    this is the year where everything become expensive and the government ask the retailers to lower their price silly.

    this is the year where the poor become poorer and the cronies become more cronies.

    this is the year where if you have a Tun title, you are free to criticize the politician without having trouble where have a Raja title have to be cuff.

    this is the year where everyone getting nasty, selfish, money-minded and yet looking for a change. Obama did.

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