I just cannot figure this out. Re the malaysiakini report. Previously, I know some of the Malay parents want the Education Minister to revert back to teaching Science and Maths in Bahasa Malaysia instead of English. Now, the Chinese group Dong Jiao Zong, said to be an influential education group, wants to hold a massive street protest if the government continues with its policy of teaching Science and Maths in English.

This makes me very confused. I am a product of teaching every single subject in Bahasa Malaysia. I was the first batch of students who had to study them in Bahasa Malaysia and Matematik Tambahan, Fizik, Kimia dan Biologi. They had all those funny funny terms. They Bahasafied the English terms, making us even more cuntfused. So, as a result, my Bahasa Malaysia is good but my English is only so-so. I am the few lucky ones who did not do too badly with my English subject because my father provided my siblings and I a whole library of books as we were growing up. However, all my Cina friends all sipiking Inglit with a Chinese slang and their English sucks.

So, when the Education Minister finally introduced back English in Science and Mathematics to my children, I was ecstatic because they have better command of English. My eldest son only started studying Science and Maths in English when he was in Form Three. My second son entered Form One and my #3 son entered Standard One with English in Science and Maths.

I had been keeping my fingers crossed that when my youngest boy entered Standard One in 2010, he will also study these two subjects in English. And I can now be pretty sure he will ‘coz it will take a few years before they can implement any changes.

Now, my argument – I don’t see why both the races, Chinese and Malays should be jittery about their cultures, roots or their kids’ performances. Our children can absorb any languages if we are positive about it. Why do these Chinese group want their kids to study the subjects in Mandarin and ended up with lousy English? Think of the long term gain where our kids can confidently speak English and not pee in their pants when confronted with people who speak English. Admit that many of our Chinese young working adults cannot speak well or even write well enough if they attended a Chinese school all their lives.

One old Chinese sinseh once perli me because I cannot even write my own son’s name in Mandarin. He went on and on about how important China is to the world economy and how vast the business opportunities are. He said every Chinese must be able to speak and write Mandarin or else people will laugh at us. I was like WTF lah, China doesn’t have enough of their own Chinamen to fill up those places meh, somemore want to take us meh? Tiu, so much for Bangsa Malaysia.

In conclusion, I think everyone of us, Malaysian Chinese, Malay, Indian, dll can benefit if we stop feeling so jittery about our original roots. Do what is best for our kids. That they study these two subjects in English and be competitive in the world rather than being shackled by these so called patriotism to their mother-tongue. Dah ma de.

And to this Ong Chiow Chuen, please be realistic lah. How is the Education Ministry going to switch back within such a short time? You think playing masak-masak meh? La la li la tam pong kah? Must train the teachers, get the books printed, prepare the teaching materials etc etc.

On Monday, Jiao Zong president Ong Chiow Chuen told Malaysiakini that the education group wants the mother-tongue language to be used in the teaching of Science and Maths in all vernacular primary schools starting from next year.

Failing which, he said, DJZ will join forces with other vernacular education groups and Chinese associations to initiate a massive nationwide protest.

Wang pa tan. Why am I so ranty wor. But hor, if we adults start being so negative about the English subjects, how are our children going to embrace the language?

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