My Christmas tree decorators have grown up

Once upon a time, my boys fought over the baubles and Christmas tree ornaments. Everyone wants to be part of this once a year activity of hanging all the baubles we have. Who cares about themes and colours back then? They must hang as many as they can find from our pile of Christmas ornaments.

So, our Christmas tree normally looks like one of those cheap, forlon, pathetic, plasticky tree you find from those cheap establishments. Or something you pick up from the Salvation Army store. It spells messy, gawdy and jinjang. It is a riot of colours, sizes and shapes.

Back then, I was in the background trying to stop them from putting too many baubles and no matter how I tell them that purple, gold, blue, red, silver, green and every sparkling shiny balls cannot go on one single four feet Canadian pine looks ugly, no one cared. They MUST put them because of the thrill of finding an empty branch was like a competition to them. No one listens to my, “No, no, no, only gold and red this year. Leave the purple and blue balls alone. The colourful theme was last year. This year is green, red and gold.”

Now…if I don’t ask my part time housekeeper to take out the tree, no one bothers already. Yesterday, I decided to open a new box of the all silver bells and balls and hearts I bought from Ikea. It costs only RM19.90 for 48 pieces. After hubby and I threaded the baubles, I asked the two younger boys, “Hey, the baubles are ready, faster go hang them on the tree.”

And they replied, “Nay…..don’t want. You do it yourself.”

Sigh…they have grown up. Christmas baubles no longer attract them. Anyway, I left the pile of silver bells there and they finally put it up. We are missing the flickering Christmas lights. We have yet to hunt for something I have in mind. Hope to find time to do that soon as Christmas is so near already.

So, moms and dads, if your kids want to mess up now, let them. They will outgrow them and someday, no one is going to help you even. Dread, I don’t think I want to go through that.

And you know what? I think those overpriced, fibre optics, no ornaments required Christmas tree serves no purpose. The whole meaning of the tree is to have as many hands as possible to mess up, laughed over it and be thankful for haphazard put together Christmas trees.

5 thoughts on “My Christmas tree decorators have grown up

  1. my pathetic x’mas tree has never seen the light of day for the past three “christmases” now! those days, my son and me would hauled it out from the store room with dust and all. as i get older and my son gets lazier, the tree is still collecting dust (or is it snow flakes?!) in the store room.
    anyway, merry x’mas to you and family.

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