Two famous women and a cherry

marilyn monroe

One famous woman.

mona lisa

Another famous woman.

marilyn monroe

A boy willingly posing because mommy asked him to.

cherry chocolate

A cherry.

All the above photos taken from Bistro @ Hardwicke. Hardwicke House has changed their restaurant concept from fine dining to bistro style. They cut down their menu range, stop being the snobbish cigar and wine haven (which Penang kiamsiap people don’t really appreciate) and adopt a more casual and easy going style. No more tuxedo and long tail uniforms, only casual bermudas and t-shirts attired staffs. They have some wines going at really cheap prices. We bought a bottle of Italian white wine for RM40 only (recommended retail price was RM119).

Sadly, places like these do not get very good business in Penang. We were the only patron for lunch. The lunch was delicious and value for money. 10 times better than TGIF if you compare the cost.

I have been to this place so often but as always, I love to take pictures because their decor is really cosy and nice. It is so Christmassy at the moment.

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  1. sweet jasmine – Yalor, Penang people all kiamsiap wan, where got spend money like this lah. That pose ah? Nay, this bad mother lor. But hor, actually, my son is not even sure why I ask him to look up the ceiling. He is actually looking at the ceiling.

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