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Of recent years, the Hong Kong TVB series feature their main actors and actresses blogging. In both Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance, blogs are part of the story line. Raymond Lam as Alfred didn’t blog but wrote a diary on text file and printed it out and bind it. When he died in an accident, his girl friend found a book of the entries. His girlfriend, played by Linda Chung (the lenglui with super long legs) kept a blog too and it was so funny when Moses Chan mistook that Linda has feelings for him (when she was actually referring to Alfred). I know blog was also featured in Moonlight Resonance but now, I cannot remember who kept the blog. I think it is Bosco Wong. You see, Hong Kong TVB used the same actors and actresses in both series and after watching all of them, I have mixed up both of these series.

Never mind, I notice these bloggers in the Hong Kong TVB series blogged in the same style. So, I am going to copy their style. Here goes TVB style of blogging. (actually it is like writing in a diary, where no one reads and your diary is your listening ears)

Saturday, 13th December 2008. Sunny day.


This morning, I had lunch with hubby and youngest son because the other three were sleeping. We had a nice lunch. After that, hubby dropped by the hardware shop, Thye Huat to buy for me rice light or Christmas light which is much nicer than my current lights. Son and I waited in the car. That man, after I don’t know how many times I had said I wanted a regular flickering light without any colour , still phoned me from the shop. He asked me if I want blue lights or green or red coloured lights? Man! Their brains don’t keep a lot of information. I told him, “Nooooo…I want the normal light. No colour one, yellow yellow a bit type. Just regular ones.” And he said, “Ohhh…say lah incandescent light.” They think like my Nikon DSLR white balance meter.

christmas tree

I was so happy with the new Christmas lights. At night, before we went out for dinner, I switched off the hall light and took photos of the Christmas tree with its silver Christmas ornaments and incandescent light. Damn, it is so hard to spell incandescent, ok?

My son gave me episode 1-20 of The Gem of Life today. Don’t ask me the source, I don’t know. This is call technology, ok? Whee! I am going to rot permanently in bed watching the 80 episodes. Gem of Life has three men that I super adore. Wong Hei, Moses Chan aka Terrence (with two r) and Bowie Lam.


We went to the tai chow rice stall in Green Lane, near my church for dinner. Sometimes, I don’t fancy eating there on Saturday evenings because the place is like an extension of my church. The place is within walking distance from church so every families adjourned there for dinner. So, I will need to spend a long time to say hi to every table. I’d rather fast fast order my dinner and eat fast fast without the courtesy, extra notch of warmth and all the things Christians do to socialise. In between mouthful, sometimes some other family came by and I had to grin and say hello with mouthful of rice inside.

But today, Father Edwin also came for dinner with some of the parishioners. All our parish priests must be away so Father Edwin came to celebrate mass with us. I didn’t attend mass this evening because I have my lector’s duty tomorrow at 7 am. Father Edwin is the rector of the college. Rector is like the headmaster, big big position, managing the college.

He doesn’t look fierce or strict to me but I guess he can be very garang when required. I wonder if the seminarians fear him? I quite respect him because during the college 200 years alumni dinner, he choked back emotion when he told the seminarians ‘we love you’ (to assure them inspite of the difficulties of studying to be a priest). I could hear the change in the tone of his voice. I guess it takes real guts to express that in a speech attended by so many VIPs and dignitaries and Archbishops. However, during the dinner at the alumni gathering, he dressed up along with all the seminarians and dance a ‘sexy’ Bollywood dance! Bravo! He has been there at the ISA candlelight vigils and I think it is good that the Catholic church is getting more in touch with the world. I am sure priests with modern thinking like Father Edwin will help to produce more priests for the Catholic church.

So, Father Edwin stopped by our table and meet my hubby and all the four sons. He knows my #2 son by his name. Every time we meet Father Edwin, my #2 son would pretend, “Die lah…ah mah……die lah……Father Edwin remembers my name. Die lah….” And I would scare him, “Sure die liao, he must be praying hard to get you into the seminary and become a priest too. Jeng jeng jeng…you can’t run, you can’t hide, the rector knows your name.”

Father Edwin told hubby, “Wuah…four sons ah? Next time you will have four daughters-in-law.” I fast fast replied, “No Father, next time I send all to become priests, so no need to have daughter-in-law.” Kahkahkahkah.

And that concludes another day. I haven’t make the reservation for the hotel in Langkawi yet. We are driving to Kuala Perlis on Tuesday and shall check out the places before we stay. We are thinking of getting an apartment suite but not sure which is good.

Now, I wonder how I am going to tell the hospital I am going to ponteng work again. Though I have no obligation and no gaji, it is still polite to fulfill my working days. They must be thinking, “Wuah woman, you work two days, off one week, work two days, off one week. You think play-play ah?” Never mind, family comes first.

Bye-bye blog! I must go watch my Gem of Life for a while, do some last minute preparation for church tomorrow morning and sleep soon. Don’t miss me, blog! Have a good weekend, blog. I love you blog.

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  1. “They think like my Nikon DSLR white balance meter.” hahahaha! this line really cracked me up! and yes it is REALLY HARD to spell incandescent! yellow light is so much easier 😛

    your christmas tree is so pretty!

    happy holidays to langkawi!

  2. Incandescent light bulbs will soon be phased out because they waste a lot of energy.”.-

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