Dear blog

8.30 am : Sunday 14th December, 2008. Sunny day.

I woke up at 5 am this morning. I went to wee wee and went back to sleep. I thought I was trying to sleep but I actually had fallen asleep. Lucky hubby woke me up at 6 am because I asked him to put the alarm so the alarm can wake him so he can wake me so I can wake up. *roll eyes* I don’t trust myself with an alarm clock because I know I will never hear it ringing.

I spent more than 10 minutes in the bathroom because I was trying to wake up my vocal chords. And dear blog, I woke my iMac from Sleep mode and found two comments. I am so happy. They were from cabaikering and kyh. Dear blog, you know how happy I am whenever I log on and find comments on my posts, right?

So, after I got dressed, I drove to church. As I was getting out of the guardhouse gate, I notice something sharp poking on my upper chest. I thought it is a piece of sticker. But OMG, I have worn my blouse back to front and the brand tag is in front! Never mind, it is still early and very dark when I got to church. So, I quickly run to the toilet and switch it back. Stupid blouse. Chey, I thought since today is Gaudete Sunday and pink is the colour, I must also wear pink mahhh…To match the pink candle we lighted this morning and pink (or rather rose colour) robe worn by priests on this 3rd Sunday of Advent.

Another thing happened, dear blog. Whenever I am on lector’s duty, I refrain from wearing very high heels. You know lah…I don’t want to trip and come tumbling down in front of hundreds of critical Catholics, wokay? So, I picked an old pair of low heels as wearing beach slipper is prohibited when I am on duty. As I was going up the stairs to the lectern to have a quick check before mass, I really ter-kick the steps and the tip or is it sole of my heel came off, revealing a metal nail like tip for heel.

So, you imagine walking around without the cushion part? Click clock click clock click clock in the quiet church. I was wondering if I should go barefoot or walk with extra care so that the click clock click clock noise is not too obvious… I was wondering how to survive the short walk from the main door to the altar with a broken heel, with the altar boys in front and a priest behind me, both hands holding high the very heavy Bible. Die lar, die lar…should I go barefoot like the altar boys are doing? Would the metal, nail like heel tip get caught in the floor tiles gap and caused me to ‘four legs up in the air’?

Still…that wasn’t too difficult. Until I go OMG, this time really dead. Our parish priests are still not around and who appeared but the priest I blogged last night? I dare not look at him or wish him good morning out of guilt. *sweats*

Dear blog, I think it is time I ditch you and buy myself a diary 2009 and start writing in a diary. Abuden, what fun is writing in a diary when no one leaves comments, right?

So, dear blog, I only wake up for three hours and I got myself a blog entry already. Now, I must go for breakfast, come back and prepare lunch and go for choir practice at 11.30 am.

7 thoughts on “Dear blog

  1. Dear, dear … don’t worry, you’re doing fine. I was at the Cathedral this morning, and no la, stop worrying so much, as I said, you’re doing fine !

    Btw, tonite at the Assumption Church (our former Cathedral) there would be a Christmas Music Recital, at 8:30PM.

    And yes, you get to wear your pink blouse again. 🙂

  2. lol ….. what a day you got there ….. especially the “KA KIAK” part at the church … the echo sure very loud and people will wonder which VIP is down the hall …. hahahaha

  3. VivianZ – And do you notice that eventhough some of the better shoes come with spare heels, we can never find where we keep the spare ones when we need them.

    kyh – Aiyor, really ah, like my podcast? Wait I free time. Now busy until cannot breathe thimmm

    email2me – Hahaha, yalor, exactly like kahkiak.

    terence – Where got lah…

    penang – Wuah…who are you ah? Make me suspense like that..

  4. lilian!

    thanks for mentioning cabai kering leh….

    by the way.. please stop the hong kong style crap lah… really make me wish to get a big crab to makan…

    kwang kwang kwang!

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