Everything also human rights, my arse

There is this ‘human rights’ word that people seem to abuse a lot lately. People can just human right everything and hope to get away with it. Come on lah, if we are going to talk human rights, we have to make sure that those actions are human, morally correct or at least humanly proper before we can talk human rights, ok? Don’t just shove the human rights into every darn holes and gaps and want to get away with it. When it is against the religious faiths of those concerned, don’t human rights it. If it is something totally weird to a certain group, don’t human right. Then it makes human right nothing but a worthless piece of shit. It is not human rights when it is just lame ass excuses.

Don’t use the human rights term and bastardised it for political purpose. Don’t human rights something if it is against normal human behaviour. Don’t treat human rights like a cheap condom to protect yourself from bad behaviours.

See how conveniently this random stray comment used the human rights word :

People who are poor also have a human right to consume alcohol

Bugger, this post was dated 2005. I cannot remember I wrote this post but I am sure I have seen one drunkard fallen off his bicycle or motorbike after way too many toddy and that’s why I ranted. But what do you know, now people claim it is human rights to self-destruct. Niamah. Stop being so paranoid. I am not being prejudiced. I am only quoting the real social problems faced by poorer communities.

I have plenty of other cases where people conveniently used human rights to shield themselves like certain parties who protested on the street when the issue has nothing to do with them. People who love to use human rights are damn fierce one, so I do not want to ruffle feathers.

But I am sure my dear blog readers can easily quote instances when the term ‘human rights’ also need human rights to protect it from being abused.

Like : Every married men have human rights to keep personal friends.

8 thoughts on “Everything also human rights, my arse

  1. “Don’t treat human rights like a cheap condom to protect yourself from bad behaviours”

    MOmmm, tats such a classic!

    “if we are going to talk human rights, we have to make sure that those actions are human, morally correct or at least humanly proper before we can talk human rights,”

    agree with my 20 toes q(‘v’)p

    anyway mom, u will have ppl like JerkY who question wat/how is moraly correct/good/bad

  2. Recently, in a mailing lists filled with “human right activists”, I’ve been blasted to bits for pointing out human rights can’t be used to justify _everything_.

    Earlier today, in Anil Netto’s blog, I’ve been called a “fanatic pariah” for daring to call a spade, a spade.

    I think I must have gotten some pretty thick skin to withstand their bombardments. 🙂

  3. I think the Animal Right activists are so much better than those who misused the “Human Right” term. At least the Animal right Activists are really protecting the animals. Different to some of the”so called human Right’ champions who are like you say, using it to shield themselves from…paham-paham lah…

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Fun Mini Gathering we had on Saturday nite.

  4. “now people claim it is human rights to self-destruct.”

    Hey, I agree with that as in everyone chooses his own path and is responsible at the end of the day.
    But I too agree that some ppl should stop using “human rights” as a shield when they dun practice human rights in real life.

  5. Well that’s the point of human right, you do what you do and as long as you don’t harm others then noone has the right to tell you how to live your life. Just because someone is poor does that give anyone that it’s right to tell them how to live their lives? It will start with stop drinking toddy, then someone would suggest poor people shouldn’t have too many kids, then poor ppl should have kids, then poor ppl should even be alive since they are a burden on society. The risk for abuse is too great for any society to start policing each other on topics like this. We all know policing doesn’t work in any society as the moment when the cats away the mice will play. Sure i do agree that with poor ppl, any money that they would be better suited in using it for something more worth while. But everyone has different priority. For instance i feel girls spending money on makeup and facials is a total waste of time and money but should we ban girls from dolling up? Problem is we all have the best intentions but we’re not God and we can never know when too much of a good thing turns bad. Should we regulate toddy shops and stop poor people from drinking and getting drunk? No! Do we start educating them and give them guidance to stop, support, jobs and hope that this changes them? And hope a small percentage does change for the better? Yes, perhaps i’m too much of an optimistic. I’m always amused at how ppl with money view how the world should be. And you sure seem really angry with my comment. Relax! In the end of the day you’d have ur views and i’d have mine. Doesn’t mean i’m right or you’re right, it’s my human right to express my view so it is urs.

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