My boys are grown up lorr (and lots of SXI photos)

There are some very important things to note down today.

My #3 son went to register at the secondary school he is going to enter next year. I am sure all of you ex-Xaverians will like to see your alma mater. So, I took lots of photos while hubby did the necessary.


The SXI is probably one of the most beautiful school around. I love the courtyards around the school compound.

st. xavier

The sky is especially blue today.

st. xavier

Another courtyard.


My #2 son who is going to be in Form Five next year took me to the chapel. He told me the chapel has just been renovated.


The doors were closed but he found one unlock door and we sneaked in.

SXI chapel

The chapel is so beautiful.

chapel, SXI

My little boy prayed, “Lord Jesus, make all the children in the world happy happy, got mommy, got nice nice food, got lots of toys, make my kor-kor all clever clever, no get beat by teachers….”

And I add on, “Also bless Matthew clever clever because he is also going to school next year.”

Yes, my little baby finally has to go to school. We registered him at a Christian run kindie because the fee is the cheapest, the teachers are all very friendly, the kindie is very organised and clean. We paid only RM345 for the fees. This includes one set of uniforms. Some other kindies charge the December fees and have to be paid in January. Ridiculous, hor?

Looking at how my boy mingles with the children there during our visit to register him, I guess I don’t have to deal with first day of school tears.

13 thoughts on “My boys are grown up lorr (and lots of SXI photos)

  1. The third courtyard has the cage-like reno due to the love for street soccer. Thanks Brother Paul.

    Lillian, my school nice right? It belongs to everyone though. There bound to be a special area in school that is more significant than the others. Mine’s the basketball court – every Friday specifically.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. ahh looking at the photos reminded me of my days in St Xavier’s and the chapel where we usually do our last minute study hours before the exam xP

    Jack.´s last blog post..Prom 08′

  3. cabaikering – ‘Cos I kedekut mah. I buy only one set of uniform, this don’t want, that don’t want. But some kindies really bloodsuckers lah. I went to a few and they want to give computer class lah, maths lah, this lah that lah…all not necessary one. I send my kid to ber-socialise only.

    jack – This is the first time I go to the chapel and it is really awesome. I didn’t expect such a beautiful chapel in the old school.

    boon kheng – It is from the Christian Brothers school lah. But Brother Paul Ho retiring next year lor. So, don’t want become what sekolah already.

    wickwax – No need to thank me. Hahhaa, I have even gone into the new renovated toilets to take photos for former Xaverians too.

    terence – Yalar, the wire netting is what wickwax mentioned. I purposely put it in the frame to give the ‘feel’ mah.When in school, sure the boys all complained. Now, they working, they miss the school pulak.

  4. haha….glad you like my school Lilian. Its a really great school. I haven’t been able to go back for sometime. Home your boys will like it as much as I did and not to mention during one of the biggest changes in the school as in the changing of headmasters. Hope they’ll keep up all the traditions. ^^

  5. Boon Kheng – controlled schools are those premier schools which only accept students with very good grades. From what I know, in Penang, the controlled schools for SMJK are Chung Ling High School (for boys) and Penang Chinese Girls’ School (for girls lah of course, haha!); whereas for SMK are Penang Free School (for boys), St George’s Girls’ School and also SM Bukit Jambul. Majority of the students would have scored straight As in their UPSR.

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