I think the Thai PM is handsome

Sitting here at the hair salon is awfully boring. Another 33 minutes to go with the hair dye.

Forgot to drink coffee so I am nodding off. No mood to read the book I brought or flip the women magazines. Lagi no mood to gossip with those silais on who have mistress and who have cancer. Chey… I baru got here from the hospital where got mood for drama lah.

So the new PM of Thailand was smiling on the front page. And I think he is awfully charming and handsome. Not like its neighbouring country future one with his balding shiny head, rosy fuji apple cheek and that pink lips. Sigh…like this I also can blog.

Am writing from my mobile phone. Yaw├▒nn.

14 thoughts on “I think the Thai PM is handsome

  1. Handsome? Sloone said he’s behaving like a giant cockroach.
    Last night night I watched Bangkok Dangerous on the DVD. Lousy movie with Nicholas Cage as the cockcroach americana.

  2. This guy has more stuff in the upper storey than our angkasawan.
    Said he lacks legitimacy as he’s put there by the army. Reminds me of a story I heard from Norman Mailer….
    A guy saw a little bird wounded and half dying. So he picked up this bird and realized he gotta keep it warm. He looked in the field and saw lots of cow flop – all steaming hot. So he put the little bird in the cow flop and figured that would make it well. He left the bird in the flop and went on his way. The bird warmed up and started go tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet….. A fox came by, looked over the cow flop and said “Geez, never heard cow shit tweet before”. He trotted over and he saw the little bird. And he gobbled it up.
    Moral of the story is – it may not always be an enemy that puts you in shit, and it may not always be a friend who’s gonna take you out of shit but if you find yourself in cow shit, never sing.

    Hope things work out for them and wish them stability, peace and progress in the new year.

  3. Thai politics crack me up. When a member of the ruling party was elected PM, the opposition came and held huge gatherings. Then when the opposition member was successfully elected, the losing party’s supporters came and cause riots. Liddat the economy will definitely slump. How on earth will ordinary Thais gonna survive esp during this economic crisis?

    BTW, this man is a Hakka lei…

    kyh┬┤s last blog post..RevivinÔÇÖ da chupa-chups

  4. Wow, didn’t know so many Hakkas in Thailand ? Is Tata Young also Hakka ? she can rock and I like that. I like also the papaya salad (heard that’s what keeps the Thai girls so slim) and the snail curry too. Not as great as our perut ikan but still very good. Anyone know “snail curry” in Thai as I had had a time with the waiters the last time ?

  5. I believe Mr T is also a Hakka.
    While there, read in the local papers there was a small enclave of my clansmen around the tua pek kong temple along the Chao Phraya (can’t recall the pier next to it). Did not check out the place as I couldn’t speak the clan dialect or Thai.

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