Pixart personalised calendars to make you feel like a celebrity 24/7, 365 days

Actually, I wanted to wait until I get my hands on the personalised photo calendars I had personally designed using my thousands of photos. However, I am going to be away in Langkawi from tomorrow onwards. So, let me tell you in advance first so that you have plenty of time to play with it. It is very fun, very enjoyable and I bet you guys are going to love it.

I knew Dominic like years ago when he first started the picture book project in 2005. Recently, he told me Pixart now prints calendar and since I am a Mac user, he said I can easily make the calendar on my iPhoto and he will print it for me. So, let me make it clear that I am not paid to write this. I had so much fun playing around with making my own calendar with Pixart Photo Calendars so it is worth sharing, ok?

Picture 2.png

Now, you no longer have to use those boring calendars given by your Kedai Runcit or those fancy but boring calendars from your international suppliers. You can throw all that away. Do it yourself. Turn your photos into a calendar. You can even pose like Playboy centerfold and print them if you like. (but you need to ask Dominic LOL if he minds)

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On those important dates like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or whatever day, you can insert your own photos into the date.

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For me, I dedicated the month to the birthday boy. So, that person gets the full page. If your spouse is one who tends to forget anniversaries and birthdays, you can now make a personalised calendar with huge reminders and make sure he use it in the office or something. Eh, for those married women, do you know that family photos and in this case, calendar with wifey and kids’ photos are very good in warding off ‘wu lei ching’?

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I also made a couple of extra calendars as gifts. Since the price per calendar is not that expensive (starting from RM65) , it will make the most talkabout, unique gift for family, friends, colleagues, babies and many more. In fact, I have so many ideas others can make their calendars. After the year is over, this calendar will become a printed keepsake of our babies’ growth, wedding memories, travel photos and etc.

So, go over to Pixart Photo Calendar and find out how you can easily download the software and start creating your own calendars. At the time when I was doing the calendar, I was told that it runs on iMac only. But Pixart have extended the personalised photo calendars to Windows too. If you want your calendars before Christmas, you got to be quick because Pixart has a cut off date of 17 December 2008. But then, anytime is a good time to make these sort of calendars, isn’t it?

It is very fast to assemble a calendar. But I guess most of you will be as fickle like me. I spent over three days because I cannot decide which photos to use and I keep changing the design.

Remember to tell me if you make a calendar ok? Take pictures and show me wor. When I come back from Langkawi, I hope to receive the calendar and take a picture of the printed photo calendar. Ta ta!

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  1. I can make this with Photoshop and my printer. 😉 Cute calendar anyway. Like your Christmas theme too, I shall search for one later today… 😉

  2. I think it’s a great gift… I am sure the finishing would be different compared to a local printer.

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