I took the below photo around 9 am. Earlier that morning, I already went out on another trip. It was 6.20 am and rather dark. At that time, the road is still rather deserted. But this is not a small road but the main Jalan Air Itam, across the Penang State Mosque.

At that time, the AWAS sign was not there. In the darkness, it was just a pile of broken stones. The orange cones and sign probably have been busted by some vehicle earlier. When I saw it, I was horrified at the thought of how many people can die from this sheer negligence.

But I didn’t do anything to it. Anyway, what can I do about it? I did think of calling MPPP to report but it is a Sunday and I have no idea where to call. I wanted to tell someone from the CM’s office but I guess it is not fair to wake him at 6.20 am with an sms. Moreover, he is not in charge of local council so he probably will have to do the same thing I do. Go hunt for the phone number, wait for the voice messaging and such.


So, I went on with my journey as I have lector’s duty and must be in church without delay. However, I did pray earnestly. I ask that no one gets into an accident. Being the blogger and the cynic, I not only pray to my God, I also told myself, “Never mind, the Penang State Mosque is here, the huge Buddhist temple is here, surely every gods will be protecting innocent motorists from getting harm?”

I got home from church using another road so I forgot all about it. Then, later on, when I went out with hubby for dim sum around 9 am+, we saw the AWAS there. After so many hours, no one come to clear the debris.

What cause the mess on the a busy road? Nay, one stupid road contractor merely dig up the tar, open up the sewage (or probably cable duct), apply some cements during midnight. Then, they left the mess on the road because the cement is probably still wet. And some car or lorry must have rammed down the cones and sign earlier.

Yet, the pile of debris is left on a busy road until someone else comes along.

Lately, I don’t know lah. There is a major road repair or upgrading or whatever going on at the stretch of road near Citibank. Yet, the three times I passed by, no one is working on it. They just leave all the heavy machineries, rocks and rubbish on the busy road. Traffic jam is a nightmare during lunch hour and if they don’t clear up soon, it will come to a standstill when school opens.

So, how? New state government but who do we make reports about such tidak apa attitude? Someone could get killed, you know? But then, we always wait till a lot of people get killed before we react, hor? Malaysian style mah.