Things to do in Langkawi

1. Drink beer bcos it is cheaper than water.

2. Eat chocolate till beh pangsai.

3. Drive around aimlessly in our Naza Pregio.

4. Buy one single bun at cut throat prize at Tun M The Loaf bistro.

5. Ride cable

6. Envy rich folks and their yatchs.

7. Saw Datuk Azhar and should have camho with him and make a title like

8. My trip with church member…MUAHAHAR

Ok reach hotel ledi. Bye. Bloggin from phone

15 thoughts on “Things to do in Langkawi

  1. Lilian: You should visit M’s souvenir hoard (housed in the purpose built museum) and learn of the gifts from the local ampu bodeks. Other than that I can’t recall much of Langkawi. A colleague even said Langkawi reminded him of Perak Rd (Penang) of the 80’s ! And another one bought some duty free liquors which turned out to be fakes. Enjoy your trip.

  2. I find that the duty free stuffs at “Teoh Soon Huat” are cheaper compared to other places. Ha! drinking beer like water! I remember we used to drink fresh milk like water when we were in Australia, cheaper mah………….yum-yum………

  3. Double check the expiry date (I know you don’t. Haha…) of all the chocolate, most of them almost expired wan. Otherwise later lao sai instead of beh pang sai. LoL…

  4. what i did in langkawi:
    -took up an offer to bunk with some strangers. next day escaped with my friend because the strangers were scary
    -cycled all over langkawi
    -sleep at the beach because no place to stay
    -shower in the public shower by the beach because when escape time, not yet shower.
    -eat pasar malam food because was running out of cash
    -tried real hard to get a low-cost hotel room over the weekend, in the end, a good samaritan helped us and we got a room to sleep in. if not, we planned to sleep at the jeti waiting area liao.

    REd´s last blog post..StarWalk 2008

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