This morning, I bought a copy of the monthly Catholic Asian News because I heard that there is an article by Father Paulino Miranda. If you can recall, he was one of the 22 people who were brutally, violently, rudely, roughly (add your own descriptions) detained during one of the candlelight vigil in PJ.

I have long wondered what caused Father Paulino to be detained? I read in an article in The Herald a few weeks ago and found Father Paulino really humourous. In the article, it was quoted something like this.

The police were questioning Father Paulino and asked him ‘Berapa anak?’ (how many children he has)

In case you do not know, Catholic priests are not allowed to marry.

So, Father Paulino answered, “Lebih kurang satu ribu.”

It is true. He is the priest to a church in Klang and therefore, all the church members (parishioners) are his children. That’s why we call the priests Father.

Anyway, back to the article. I was in the car driven by hubby and there was a big jam on the road to Air Itam. Blame it on the tourists swarming my little island. So, I had time to read through the article. I do not know why but I couldn’t help shed some tears.

It wasn’t tears of sympathy nor tears of anger. It was rather, how Father Paulino lived up to that image we expect from priests, i.e. being the leader of the flock, in good times and in bad times. It reminds me of how Jesus was wrongly accused and being shoved around.

But one little paragraph caught my eyes :


Just one short sentence of how Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng asked Father Paulino to offer strength to the others. Though many may not see the significance of it, I see it as a great respect CM Lim has for Catholic priests. How they are beacon of hope and pillar of strength for the people, regardless of who they are.

I hope more Catholics will learn some lessons from Father Paulino’s experience and stop demanding the church in general to stay away from politics. Sometimes, I wish to blast those Letters to the Editor writers to wake up and see that though we may stay away from politics but politics will still gnaw on us the butt. Right now, our weekly newsletter printing licence is still on hold over the Allah issue.

Ok, back to today. Later in the evening, my hubby and I were driving my #2 son to church. Just before we turned into the church, I shouted, “Stop the car! I want to get down. Take picture!”

merry christmas

My son and hubby were wondering what I was so excited about. But they dropped me outside the gate and I cross the road to get a better angle.

Nay…the banner on the fence of my church, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Only the #1 fan of the CM will do crazy stuffs like this. It was darn hot and the sun was so bright until I cannot open my eyes. But take picture I must. Why? Because I find it so funny. Really, I am amused how they seem to print poster after poster of every celebrations with the CM, ADun and MP photos.

Wei, DAP people, we are getting tired of seeing our ADun, MP and CM faces already lah! After Chinese New Year, please don’t do any more hor? I know you all have to do until Chinese New Year or else the Chinese will claim you are all not fair, never wish them Keong Hee Huat Chye. Please, enough of banners lah.