“Mommy, why all girls born with a hole?”

This is one of those rare thing that must be written down or else I may forget how cute it was.

earrings on christmas tree

I got a Christmas present from someone this morning. Initially, I wanted to keep it for Christmas before I open the present. But my little boy was so restless and want to know what’s inside. So, I let him open the present for me. It is a pair of earrings.

I was wearing the pair of cat earrings at that time. He wanted to put the new pair of earring into my ears so he helped to unhook the pair of cat earrings.

Then, he asked so innocently,

“Mommy, why all girls born with a hole?”

I was momentarily blur with what he meant.

Me, “HUH? What hole? Where?”

He got impatient, like I am asking a very stupid question. “NAYYYYY….ON YOUR EARS! Haiyor, you got hole in your ears, why papa doesn’t have? Why all girls got holes wan?”


Chey…I thought what he meant.

I told him all little girls like his age will be sent to have their ears pierced. Now, I wonder at what age do mommies to daughters bring their daughters to have their ears pierced? I think I had mine done around 8 years old. It was done manually, using a piece of ginger, and a sharp needle. Then, they applied some black medicated oil as antiseptic. Thank God the holes didn’t get infected and grow pus like some girls did. After that, to make sure that the open wound does not grow back and fill up the hole, my mother pierced a piece of the hard stem found in garlic. We would cut the hard stem in the bulb of garlic into tiny stick and pierce on our ears. You see, there were no allergy-free fake, cheap earrings and giving those gold earrings to little girls is not a smart idea as we tend to lose it. So, it was garlic stem for us poor girls.

13 thoughts on ““Mommy, why all girls born with a hole?”

  1. allie – It is actually not creative but lazy. I have over 70 pairs of earrings at last count and I normally lazy to put back into their individual plastic bags. So, I hang them like Christmas baubles lor.

    kew – Don’t scare me lah. He is only 5 yrs old, you know……….

  2. You got me so excited to read the story then I realise, cheh… 😛

    Ya pun lah, your family all boys, so veli the strange if your son was to pop up the real hole Q (assuming he nvrs sees/knows b4 in a circumstance like this). keke.

    kyh´s last blog post..Hmm… Yum

  3. Kids can come up with surprising question now a days..:) and your boy is so adorable with that balloon around his head..hehe

    Great way to keep your earings ..i didnt even realize it.. i tot it was just a christmas tree( silly me) until i saw one of the comment. 😛

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and family!

    emelda´s last blog post..And so i say

  4. haiiya, the title damn menangkap la. i was scared to read already. sekali tgk, pasal tindik telinga rupanya.

    come to think of it, ya lorr… last time when people pierce, no such thing as keloid la, pus la, what la. eventhough the method was crude. but now, konon2 got antiseptic spray. tapi infected juga akhirnya. what la…

    aunty chan, better tell your boys not to pierce leyy if they want to. so fugly, and dangerous.

    REd´s last blog post..Sepang Goldcoast

  5. I LMAO reading your entry man!!!

    When he meant the “right” hole, you answer him, “You come here through the hole.”

    “Mummy, can I go back through the hole?”

    “You can come out, not come back in. If you go back then you no more loh.”

    “That means baby come out from the hole loh. Like hen lay eggs through its hole mah. If not how to lay eggs?”


    boon kheng´s last blog post..The Spirit

  6. My mom was the type that made sure I had my ears pierced at an appropriate age. She said otherwise how to wear diamond earrings when I grow up!So off I went to one of the goldsmith shops in Campbell Street on an auspicious day(yes, got special day one) to have it done. The earrings used were plain gold hoop type with one end which is very pointy and this was used to pierce the ears after a pen was used to mark the spot.

    I wish my mom is alive today. I would tell her that till now I have not worn any real diamond earrings. I have lots of fake ones though and they look pretty good. I also have those that are 3 for RM10!

    Lilian, I see you have lots of earrings too and you would agree that the cheap ones look pretty good too!

    I also made sure both my girls have their ears pierced (with the gun type).Somehow I felt it my duty to do so. Of course I told them the story of my mom and about wearing diamond earrings. They like rolled their eyes and said ‘Whatever!’.

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