Christmas isn’t Christmas

I took this video the other day when my son and the youth group came over to my apartment for carolling. Earlier, I didn’t know they make a trip over to this side of my place or else I would have booked them to visit my apartment too.

Christmas isn’t Christmas,
til it happens in your heart.
Somewhere deep inside you
is where Christmas really starts.
So give your heart to Jesus,
you’ll discover when you do;
That it’s Christmas,
really Christmas for you.

Jesus brings warmth like a winter’s fire
A light like a candles glow
He’s waiting now to come inside
as He did so long ago
Jesus brings gifts of truth and life
and makes them bloom and grow
So welcome Him with a song of joy
and when he comes you’ll know what..that.

Pardon the bad quality of the video. The neighbour’s house uses only very dark lights.

Gee…..I miss caroling too. Many years ago, our adult group normally go carolling at the beach hotels. But now, we have hung up our robes because it is really a hectic trip, running from hotel to hotel. We are only singing at the Christmas morning mass at 9 am on Christmas day.

Here’s one taken in Christmas 2006 (I think). It was at Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang.

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