Of sleeping for 24 hours and admiring my Pixart photo calendar

I bet you guys must think I have been too busy making Christmas preparations to blog, eh? But nope, I was too sick to blog. Sigh….Had been sleeping for the last 24 hours and waking up only for meals, bath and toilet.

That’s why I didn’t make any new posts since Sunday. I thought I could push the flu bug aside and get on with doing things but I was totally knocked out since yesterday afternoon. Anyway, after 24 hours in slumber, sometimes, waking up but not sure it is morning, noon or night, I must sit up a bit. Take a long cold bath, drink a long glass of coffee and come back to my beloved blog or else I may mulch and grow roots in bed.

So, let’s rewind back to Saturday morning when I received my calendar from Pixart through Pos Malaysia.

pixart calendar

It comes in a cardboard box, all three of them. At the moment, I cannot reveal the contents of the other two calendars because I intend to give them to the recipients before I blog it.

pixart calendar

There is a little hole and I can hang it. However, I wish Pixart can also turn it into a table calendar by adding hard cardboard as I believe more people place their calendars on their tables. I started the month of January 2009 with Chinese New Year photos taken from the past years.

pixart calendar

On months when there are no major celebrations or birthdays, I fill up with lots of family photos. Pixart photo calendar can be made using both Mac and Windows. All you need to do is to download the software from Pixart and start arranging your calendar. If you have lots of photos in your computer, it will be a nice, heartwarming idea to surprise someone with a calendar full of their photos.

pixart calendar

August is a month for my #2 son as it is his birthday. BTW, the poor chap has been carolling from house to house for the last two days, each night spent 7 hours singing until he is hoarse. I think by Christmas Eve, instead of singing Christmas hymns, they will be howling like wolves. Hehehe. Below is a photo I steal from Facebook, uploaded by his friend.

Carolling at Nicol David's parents house
Carolling at Nicol David

Initially, I had wanted to invite the carollers from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit youth group to my place but I cancelled it as I was afraid I may not be well enough to receive them. True enough, I was totally knocked out by this flu bug from Langkawi.

pixart calendar

September is my birthday so I get to grace the whole calendar.


Of all the months in the calendar, I love the month of December the most. These photos all spell what Christmas is all about. It is for the children. So, my #3 and #5 get to be the main stars.

Note that I am not paid for this review. I simply believe in sharing a great gift idea that can brings the family together. I love the idea that children can make nice calendars of the family for their aged parents at home. New parents can keep the milestones their babies achieved in a calendar, friends can keep the friendship knitted in calendars and colleagues/college/university mates can bind good memories in one calendar.

You can download the software to make the calendars over at Pixart. Pixart Photo Calendars come with metal rings and a plastic sheet. And nope, you cannot get the same kind of quality using your own printer.

Now, I am going back to sleep and will my flu bug away because by hook or by crook, I am going to be 100% OK by Christmas morning.

8 thoughts on “Of sleeping for 24 hours and admiring my Pixart photo calendar

  1. Get Well Soon else we’ll miss your Obnoxiousness. Langkawi will forever be ‘taboo’ for my family, must be the curse….

  2. get well soon lilian! i’ve been hit by the flu bug as well. have been sipping hot cups of homemade lemongrass & ginger tea which seems to help soothe the sore throat and keep the sinus at bay.
    love your pixart calendar! definitely a great gift!

  3. I like the idea of creating the calendars as gifts especially for grandparents and family living abroad. Thanks for the link to download. 🙂

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