Wishing everyone Blessed Christmas

While Christian families are celebrating Christmas eve with probably turkey and western foods, my family just had lap mei fun or waxed meats rice for dinner. It is a Chinese New Year dish as waxed duck and sausages from China are only imported once a year.

This is indeed a different Christmas from past years where I had to sweat in the kitchen, either struggling with the leg of lamb on skewers or stewing lamb shanks or roasting the dumb big bird, the turkey. Who would expect that a flu bug gives me the licence to laze!

My webhost, Bryan has just informed me that he is upgrading my server. I am moving to a better server. So, I won’t be posting till much later. (or the post will sort of stay in the old server)

Therefore, everybody, Blessed Christmas and peace, love and joy to all.

The video above O Holy Night is by Rhydian Roberts. Rhydian Roberts was the runner up in the British version of American Idol, call the X-Factor. I think he is like a blond version of the devil.

4 thoughts on “Wishing everyone Blessed Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Lilian 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a very joyous
    Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    May the spirit of Christmas bring you the gifts of love,
    peace and joy always!

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