Dear Santa, can you move your hairy butt faster into my new server?

Dear Santa

I am wondering if you have erectile dysfunction? I wonder if Viagra, the blue pill company has ever approached you to be their spokesman? Since Viagra is always looking out for senior citizens who are active to be their spokesman, I think you will be a perfect candidate. Who else gets to fly from house to house and kiss housewives at every home under the mistletoe? Come on, Santa, I bet you need some spare blue pills in your rucksack for the job, eh?

Since Christmas is almost officially over in Malaysia, I can safely make fun of you because you didn’t bring me the gift I wished for. By next year, you probably have forgotten.

Dear Santa

Actually, I just want to make a blog post and see if this post stays in my blog or will it disappear like the previous one along with Bryan’s comment. My webhost is in the midst of moving from the older server to the new one. With DNS propogation and stuffs like that, I seem to be seeing things. One minute it is there, next minute it is not.

Since it is a lazy Christmas day where I slept almost the whole afternoon, I do not give a reindeer shit if this post disappears too. After all, what’s so hard about making a blog post, right?

Again Dear Santa

I think by now, you are probably the most hated man on earth. Kids are going to hate you because instead of bringing iPods for them, you brought chocolates. Instead of bringing an original guitar hero, you brought guitar hero poster. No wonder everyone is looking for stores that open on Christmas day to return all those unwanted gifts. Maybe to many kids, you are a stupid, stubborn, old, old man.

Poor Santa.

12 thoughts on “Dear Santa, can you move your hairy butt faster into my new server?

  1. Woi!!! I will be away for the next 5 days in the remote jungles of Sarawak. Don’t miss me!

    *I am still wondering how the fark i got into this trip* Niamah!!! (Man Vs Wild, Ah Beng style, Call my satellite phone if emergency)

  2. terence – I bet the mozzies are cheering now. *Big fat Ah Beng coming to feed us lorr….* Chey…don’t know who miss who. By the 3rd day you sure hallucinating reading my blog in your dreams.

    atiza – I never like bling bling lah. Actually….I also never thought of any Christmas wish so I get nothing also no big deal lah.

    alex – Boh pien, I keep kena hack, kena wordpress spam injection, CPU overload…..You know lah, enemies a lot, must secure server.

    roses – Thanks

    momo – Did you wish for a toyboy too? Hahaha

    ritz – Malaysia only got grim reaper, no santa. Setan ada. Hahaha

  3. santa tu tak wujud la aunty chan. but this year santarina came (read: mom) with pressies!!!

    then after that, she asked for her present. haiiyaa!!! had to walk to OU and crack our brains as to what to get her. lucky for us, she was happy with our pressies 😛

    aunty chan, merry xmas to you and lovely fam.
    here is something for you from an ardent blog reader of yours 😉

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