“Jika diletakkan arak, pelacur atau babi, babi lebih sensitif bagi orang Melayu,” tambah Rahimudin.

(Malaysiakini isu babi)

I have no issues about people protesting about pig farms located in Malay areas because truthfully, pig shits stink. Really, really stink. So, by all means, go protest for the farms to be located somewhere remote.

But to make a statement that prostitution is more bearable than pigs rearing, I just wonder….And do I get the message that just because there are pigs running around, some races are breaking up? That’s what they say on the banner, “Babi berleluasa, Melayu sibuk berebut kuasa”. Me thinks they should wake up and see that those oinkies are not the source of your problems. Those oinkies are just mere foods to some people. Nothing more, nothing less. It is not our national pride, nor carry any symbolic meaning, dudes. Itu cuma makanan lah.

Pork is a cheap source of protein and I think people should be thankful over here, we have pigs to feed a group of people. This way, we don’t eat away all the cows and goats and chickens, leaving a big portion of food source to everyone else. You know, in Zimbabwe, the people there are so poor, they had to mix cow dung into their foods to fill themselves up. So, be thankful for the oinkies.

The pig breeders said, “It wasn’t us, say pig breeders” (malaysiakini). They aren’t the ones who hang pig’s head all over town. And I think I believe them because these taukehs have better things to do than to hang pig’s head all over town.

Meanwhile, Na said his association has not received any threats following the incidents.

“We are good friends with the villagers. Our relations with them is good,” he said.

He also claimed that many of those who attended the demonstration last week were ‘outsiders’ and not locals.

He added that several buses had ferried them to the Pewaris protest.

That sort of modus operandi sounds familiar. It this the new way of making money, eh? RM50 for a free ride, free meal. All you need is to be able to act like a demonstrator. Scripts and head band will be provided.