New Year resolutions

Someone asked me on Facebook, why does he see me with three little babies but I call myself 5xmom? My dear new Facebook friend ah, the two little babies aren’t mine lah. They are my grandnephew and grandniece. If my kids are that small, I won’t even have time to go to the toilet to pangsai, what more blog so much? Aiyor….*sweats*


Now, these two are my boys. My #3 and my #5 boys. The #4 has gone to heaven. My two older boys are taller than me already lah. Come to think of it, when I see pregnant women, I also get cold sweats, thinking how ‘heavy’ it is to carry babies and then, what chore it is to take care of tiny babies. Yerrr….somemore the pain of childbirth……my hairs also stand on end, thinking of the heavy responsibilities of caring for helpless babies.

So, I am going to comfort myself, wiping off the scary images of being mom to tiny babies by writing down what I am going to do next year in 2009. I am going to list down things that I can do ‘independently’.

1) In January, I am going to take a two months course sponsored and organised by Malaysiakini and Seacem. It is a course on citizen journalism. I think I am very qualified because I can write, I can ‘see and sniff’ news, I can take photos and operates video cam and who can present an issue to capture people’s interest like me? Heh.

2) I am going to kick back and let my sons cook for me! Whoopee! Freedom from the kitchen.

3) My little boy is going to kindie and that means, I probably can retire from washing his butt. In fact, we are training him now to wash his own butt. Sigh…people may think this is a none issue but for parents, this is like a big milestone when we parents can finally stop smelling our kids’ shits.

4) I just asked my parish priest today, “So, Father, what does it take to be a catechism class teacher? (cathechism = Sunday school) Can I join the ministry to learn rather than to teach? My knowledge on Catholicism is probably the level of a six years old kid but faith, I do have a lot and I can share that very well.” So, Father Fab told me to come to church next week to follow the formation he is giving for faith sharers. Booyeah! My son said I am out of mind. I like doing things that made them go, “Man..your ma is crazy.” I told him, “Heh, your ma must do everything at least once.” But seriously, I hope to learn to be a better Catholic mom.

5) In 2009, I am going to take a follow up course on psychology on human behavior and development. I am also doing theology online or the science of God (exploring if God really exists). If I haven’t gone mad by then, I want to finally put my feet down and pursue clinical pastoral education (CPE) but this will be KIV for the first quarter of the year so that my little boy can adjust to kindie.

6) I resolve to follow through with my volunteer work at Mt. Miriam on a regular basis. I hope to hang on eventhough, sometime people I know well, die and it is rather depressing. But hey, if there ever comes a day when I see there are too many volunteers, then, I shall leave. (right now, there is none except the seminarians from College General because the hospital is very selective on who they allow to work voluntary in pastoral care).

7) I am going to continue making money from my blogs. In fact, I am going to make sure that I do better in 2009 than 2008. But then, with the recession looming, people losing their jobs and etc, I am lucky if I can earn a decent amount without all the pressures of staying in a job, getting a bonus or not, being retrench or face salary cut headaches.

8 ) I won’t make foolish New Year resolutions like losing weight, eating healthy and etc. If I can do another year of vegetarian fasting during the season of Lent for 40 days, I will be satisfied.

9) I am going to wish for property prices in Penang to drop so that we can buy a bigger place. You know what’s crazy? My current apartment was bought around 2003 at RM160K. The other day, someone wanted to sell two units and he refused to budge from RM450K even though we offered him RM380K! Someone else sell their ground floor for RM210K. Half a year ago, we offered our neighbour RM175K to sell the unit to us (so we can break the wall in between to make a door) but he sold it for RM185K. Doh! I wish, I pray, hampalang people suddenly need to sell their properties after losing their jobs and the prices of properties in Penang start to drop like cow dung. (fat wish)

10) I hope to at least travel to Bali in 2009. Of course, on the top of my list of places to go are New Zealand, Japan, Israel (heh), South Africa but multiply the price person with five adults and one kid, I can forget about leaving the country on a plane.

11) I am going to continue being obnoxious on my blogs for the benefits of humankind, country and hahahahaha *falls off the dream cloud*. But hey, I pray that ‘the project’ I am currently doing will bear fruits.

12) Lastly, I hope to see the country get rid of its Bodohland image and be rule by justice, peace and harmony.

And this shall be my New Year 2009 resolutions. Twelve things to follow through.

So, what’s your resolutions?

20 thoughts on “New Year resolutions

  1. I have tons of wishes…but things are pretty slowing down in penang these days. Many things can’t be done. I wish I am not working!!! Lol.
    Perhaps losing some weight will do me good. What’s your target?

  2. mine is to see yours come true lah!

    cheh… with 3 kids below 5… i can only dream of what you are planning!


  3. Hey, how come your new year resolutions sound more like new year wish list wan ?
    Anyway, may all our wishes come true in this coming year! 🙂

  4. I cant believe it that for a malaysia to be a better place got the last spot in your resolution, somehow or other you are still self sented with yourself come first

  5. anyways no hard feelings and i hope you are open to simple but not insulting criticisms.. happy new year.. the post i admired the most on your web was about the floods in penang…

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