These few days, we have been trying hard to remember to buckle up. We Malaysians have only a few more days before they implement the law that all passengers at the back must fasten their seat belts.

However, there are a few things I find rather ridiculous. Here are some of them :

In this news, do you notice how hazardous it is to put a small child on the lap of his young brother, in the middle of the back seat? I mean, I do understand how the general Malaysian families ride in cars. But do they have to put a photo of such situation on the paper, making it like it is fine to put a small child without a car seat in a car? If brake is applied, the child will fly out of the car, through the broken windshield.

Do you notice how much they are going to fine people who do not use their rear seat belt? RM2,000. Dua ribu. Are they mad or what? Giving us summon for RM300 for speeding but RM2,000 for not wearing seat belt? Can you smell the ‘kopi-o’ money that will be generated? I for one can tell you in the face that I will, at any time, any day feed a RM50 kopi if I know I am going to be fined RM2,000. If it is RM200, I probably can tell the police officer, “Mau saman, saman lah. Cepat sikit tulis saman, saya tak senang.” But RM2,000? They are really talking out of their rear.

The most mindfarking thing that I find is how they implement the seat belt but only three persons need to buckle up. The fourth passenger does not need to buckle up. Knowing Malaysians very well, they sometime stuff five persons at the back of a Kancil. So, does this mean the two extra passengers do not need to wear their belt?

Other vehicles that were exempted from the ruling were commercial vehicles such as taxis and rental cars, large vehicles that can seat nine passengers or more and haulers that have a tonnage limit of more than 3.5 tonnes.

Can someone tell me why taxis, buses and rental cars are exempted? Does it mean they won’t die in crashes? Or what? That is kind of silly too, isn’t it? I know the taxi drivers in Hongkong and Australia will not move unless they are absolutely sure we have buckled up. But how come Malaysia exempt these passengers?

Haih…the more I read, the more confuse I am.

Anyway, I hate my Persona rear seat belts because it cuts into my shoulder. But what to do……it is the law. Laws are made to be followed.

Remember – Buckle up. Berhati-hati di jalanraya.