Are you ready to buckle up yet?

These few days, we have been trying hard to remember to buckle up. We Malaysians have only a few more days before they implement the law that all passengers at the back must fasten their seat belts.

However, there are a few things I find rather ridiculous. Here are some of them :

In this news, do you notice how hazardous it is to put a small child on the lap of his young brother, in the middle of the back seat? I mean, I do understand how the general Malaysian families ride in cars. But do they have to put a photo of such situation on the paper, making it like it is fine to put a small child without a car seat in a car? If brake is applied, the child will fly out of the car, through the broken windshield.

Do you notice how much they are going to fine people who do not use their rear seat belt? RM2,000. Dua ribu. Are they mad or what? Giving us summon for RM300 for speeding but RM2,000 for not wearing seat belt? Can you smell the ‘kopi-o’ money that will be generated? I for one can tell you in the face that I will, at any time, any day feed a RM50 kopi if I know I am going to be fined RM2,000. If it is RM200, I probably can tell the police officer, “Mau saman, saman lah. Cepat sikit tulis saman, saya tak senang.” But RM2,000? They are really talking out of their rear.

The most mindfarking thing that I find is how they implement the seat belt but only three persons need to buckle up. The fourth passenger does not need to buckle up. Knowing Malaysians very well, they sometime stuff five persons at the back of a Kancil. So, does this mean the two extra passengers do not need to wear their belt?

Other vehicles that were exempted from the ruling were commercial vehicles such as taxis and rental cars, large vehicles that can seat nine passengers or more and haulers that have a tonnage limit of more than 3.5 tonnes.

Can someone tell me why taxis, buses and rental cars are exempted? Does it mean they won’t die in crashes? Or what? That is kind of silly too, isn’t it? I know the taxi drivers in Hongkong and Australia will not move unless they are absolutely sure we have buckled up. But how come Malaysia exempt these passengers?

Haih…the more I read, the more confuse I am.

Anyway, I hate my Persona rear seat belts because it cuts into my shoulder. But what to do……it is the law. Laws are made to be followed.

Remember – Buckle up. Berhati-hati di jalanraya.

14 thoughts on “Are you ready to buckle up yet?

  1. I think they are a bit too much loh. RM2000 for the fine on not putting the rear seat belt. Better they open up a frenchiese chain stall in the whole Malaysia just to collect the summon and name the shop “Polis Kopi-O New Town Shop” to wash these “black money”. Somemore that traffic division BPR said that if there are 4 people sitting at the rear seat they are not required to buckle up the seat belt as the accident rate for 4 persons behind the car is less that 5%. If that is the case why are they enforcing such rules at the first place?´s last blog post..Tasty Instant Cooked Koay Teow Thng @ Seng Thor Coffee Shop

  2. Instead of fighting crime the resources are now wasted on checking rear seat belts.

    My 2001 Kelissa comes without the rear fittings and everytime when I encountered such a checking operation I have to waste some more
    time explaining that I have already made
    appointment to have them fitted in April 08.

  3. Who should they fine? The driver or the passenger? I’m sure we have encountered stubborn people who refused to buckle up even if it’s the front passenger seat. So who should pay the fine? It’s not fair to fine the driver if there are some stubborn people on board.

    THONG: I heard that Perodua will distribute a sticker with a date on it for those who made an appointment with them. Maybe u can check with them.

  4. “Kopi-O” duit is going outdated. With such a heavy penalty, those Pirates Di Roadside M’sia will surely upgrade themselves to accept “Star*ucks” duit ONLY soon!(dunno whether can pay by Credit card or not hor?):D

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  5. Half-past 6 gomen making half-past 6 laws and leaving untrustworthy enforcers to enforce the laws. This new law will be just like the reflector-sticker-on-safety-helmet law which was enforced once upon a time.

    Granted, even without the laws, right minded drivers should insist that all their passengers buckle up. It’s for their passengers’ own good. I truly cannot understand why some drivers, especially parents, chose to allow their kids on their laps while driving or as a front seat passenger. It’s almost suicidal.

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  6. Niamah!!! Get MALAYsians to wear safety helmets on a Friday noon 1st lah. Motorcyclists are the highest road fatalities in Malaysia lah.

    No doubts the rear seat belts will save lives. But they should approach this issue a different way. 4th rear passenger no need to wear a belt because they have divine protection. Duh!!!

    Ask them to email me lah. Let uncle advice them. Bwahahaha!!!

    Ya, I am back!!! Farking boring trip.

  7. whether it is 2k, 20 ringgits or 200 is all irrelevant, you need not to even worry abt this if u buckle up, period. the adaptation of this seat belt law into M’sia style is very inconsistent, flawed and indecisive says the least. the implementation should be applied across the whole board inclusive of buses, lorries or just anything tht uses the public road.

    what’s the reasoning behind the exemption for certain vehicles? it really baffles me, would appreciate if anyone can share some lights in this matter.

    there are good reasons tht u find only 3 seat belts for rear passenger.why should the 4th passenger be exempted? u hav got to ask yrself what is the main purpose in bringing this seat belt law in the first place! was it for the safety or convenience of road users? if anyhting, the 4th passenger has even more reasons to buckle up. I do not agree with this stupid 4th passenger exemption. if u need to carry more than 4 passnger, tough luck, go find another car or alternative way of transportation. I see someone has quoted a 5% chance of accident for cars tht carriy more than 4 rear passengers, I’d like to see how he came up with the figures! no. esp % are very misleading, in fact, many quote % just to hide from the facts.

    the driver is responsible for his passengers, why was there even a question if the passenger or the driver be the one tht receives the summon? what if the passenger is a juvenile/student..who’s gonna pay for them?

    ok, tht’s enuf for me.

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  8. welcome back Terence, can I call of the search party liau?

    Lilian, I c so many mata never buckle up even they sit at the front. why not ask yr sons to be a scout and take photo of those, if they stop them, just’s for school project..

    JT´s last blog post..Go manual – The SUNNY F/16 rule

  9. Yesterday I saw a car speeding pass Krystal Point. There were 3 small kids’ heads popping out of the sun roof!! This mean the kids (all 3 ) were standing on the rear seat.Seems like someone is showing off their new car.The driver ought to be shot!

    And this is not the first time I have seen this in Penang. What were the parents thinking?? And in the same category are the parents who drive with a child on their lap and the kid is holding on to the steering wheel!

  10. Momo – Got one kid also put the head out of the car and the father was speeding along Tanjung Bungah. One emergency brake, the head will fly.

  11. JT- Mata are exempted from fastening the seat belt in their patrol car. Its written somewhere in the little book of conduct.

    Ah Lian- I did a case. A child had peep his head thru the side window, an oncoming lorry crashed into the vehicle. There was a lot of minced meat in the vehicle after that. Wanna see some photos??

  12. Yes yes, please I want some photos!

    It’ll make a really cool chain email… muagagagaga…

    Ah Beng

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