Few days ago, I read in a local column about blogs phasing out and to be replaced by micro-blogging. It is like a one sentence blogging where people uses short sentences to share their thoughts or what they are doing. I am not a fan of such method because one can never say all there is to say in a sentence, ok? That’s why until today, my Twitter account stays not updated since the day I signed up for an account.

So, I do not think blogging is going to dwindle and die off anytime soon. Not when people are getting more vocal and love to share their thoughts, videos and photos. This is evident in thoughts.com which is a 100% free service where people can blog, share their photos and videos with others. From the look of it, thoughts.com does have many things other social communities do not have. For example, they allow members to join the forum, take part in polls and they can also vote a blog post according to its popularity.

Signing up for a free account is easy and one is immediately connected to like-minded people. Who knows, people may also find love interests on the community because there is no other way to express oneself than through blogs, isn’t it?

As for me, I definitely do not think blogging will become not popular anytime soon. People are just getting on the bandwagon and it will probably last for many more years. Moreover blogs which are updated often are much more valuable in terms of commercial value compared to static sites or micro-blogging. Advertisers love blogs. Search engines prefer blogs. What else do we need, huh?