Before the year ends, can you tell me if my blog is boring?

So, I was a bit kiasu. I went to check some blogs Alexa rankings with mine. For your info, Alexa is not a girl. It is the most unreliable and yet, some stupid advertisers still insist to use rankings. You can enter your site URL with other people whom you think are on par with you in terms of traffic, and find out who is better. It is one of those things that we bloggers do to boost our ego.

Picture 2.png
(this is how my blog looks like in February 2005 when I first ‘move’ in)

Then, not happy enough, I check the pageranks. Pageranks is some sort of measurement given by Google, the search engine to tell people if your blog is best, i.e. 10/10 or your blog is of no significance, ie. 0/10. This blog is 4/10 because Google penislised penalized me before for selling links on my blog. I eventually went down on my knees and lick Google’s boot to get back my pagerank. It used to be 5/10 but lately, Google is a little bit strict and getting 4/10 is good enough for me.

Still not satisfied, I read a bit of the blogs that I am kiasu with. And I realized something. Some bloggers’ style of writing never changed. They write the same old thing, for years and years and years and years (that is 4x). They pick on the same subjects again and again. Whether it is about fat housewives or some Banglas or some Ah Lians. It is like they are magnets for these subjects they abhor. (In my psychology class, I learn that people like these are actually hating their own parents, their own background, their own weaknesses etc etc)

Picture 3.png
(this is how my blog looks like in Dec 30th, 2005)

So, by then, I am freaking out. I do not want to live in a cycle like that. I begin to wonder if others also find my blog the same? I don’t need anyone’s assurance, ok? I am just voicing out the nightmares within me.

I do not want to have the same blog template.
I do not want to have the same blog background colour.
I do not want people to come to my blog in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2020, 2080, 2100 (ok, I would be dead long before this) and still get the same shits, different names.

Picture 4.png
(this is sometime in July 2007, I think)

Arrggh….you get what I am talking about? I am not asking you to tell me nice things. I am not comparing my blog with the other bloggers. But when I see that some bloggers remain in the same place, year in, year out, I also wonder if I am starting to rot in the same cesspool. You see, we cannot see our own shortcomings and bad points. We need people to tell us. Or Alexa and Google PR to show us. When those dipped drastically, we know we are in deep shits.

So, before 2008 ends, I hope to make some quick evaluation and hope I never subject my poor, valued readers to the same shits, different years.

12 thoughts on “Before the year ends, can you tell me if my blog is boring?

  1. I read your blog since 2007 and i never get tired of it!! Don’t worry lah, i’m sure everybody will say your blog is still hot like last time.. 🙂

    *Happy New Year 2009 to you and your family!! 🙂

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Year 2008 and 2009

  2. Reading the same shit all these years and loving it. Bwahahaha!!! Just keep it up.

    Woi!!! Where is my U MOBILE simpack???!!! :curse:

  3. terence – HOI, don’t pretend you didn’t see I kasi you cap mohor to whack someone lah. That cilaka handphone of mine, the T630 #4 keypad doesn’t work so I got no phone to use for the U Mobile lah. You got any Ah Beng with a spare old phone? Pos laju to me as new year’s gift lah. Then only I can retrieve my messages. :rotfl:

  4. To the rest of the comments :

    Angie – Wuah, congrats wor. My christian blog jatuh to only PR1/10, tiu.

    Jed – Same to you! May the year bring good changes to our country!

    kadusmama – God bless us all for a peaceful and happy year. O:-)

    Jessen – I like wordy posts ‘cos I got so many things to write mah.

  5. I started reading your 5xMom blog in 2005 and was inspired to start my own. Four years later, I’m still checking in regularly to see what you’re writing 🙂

    Definitely not boring! Here’s what I like about your blog:
    a. “Malaysian” style posts making good, clean (and sometimes dirty) fun of everyday stuff and actions
    b. Updates on current events in Malaysia & Penang – I think I get more info from 5xMom during & after the elections. Your posts made me feel I am “there” even though I was in China!
    c. Delicious food that you and your food buddies cook up 🙂


    KittyCat´s last blog post..Happy New Year 2009!

  6. Hi Lilian,

    I started reading yr blog 2H of this yr after hubby told me so.

    I enjoyed yr topics esp recepies n ranting on kids. I’m a mother of 3 girls aged 15,14 n 10. A local grad but choose to stay home n become a wong mein por. My varsity frens are all up there in the corporate ladder but i’m happy mothering my kids… now turning into young (taller than me) ladies. anything on kids or emergency, they will seek my advice.

    You must continue to write else i got no access to ah soh’s blog. I don’t think there’s another ah soh blog like yours.

    cheers and happy new year.

  7. Your blog always have something new to post. Kinda envy the way you’re posting.

    Google PageRank is updating according to Hobo-web. I just got a bad gift from Google on the first day of 2009 🙁

    FlikTeoh´s last blog post..Google PageRank Updates

  8. Greetings, I am new to this site. I have a question I hope someone can answer. I am an American living in Malaysia. I’m trying to learn BM. Some people have suggested reading the BM Bible, and I like that approach but my question is, what is the best translation in both BI and BM? My wife (a Malaysian) has a bilingual Bible, English (NIV) and and Bahasa Indo. But as similar as they are, Bahasa Indo and BM have enough significant differences that it has not helped much. What about the Good News translation? It’s available in both English and BM, and I think it’s simplified (for children) but how good is it? Another friend suggested trying the Catholic Bible. Of course, I know that no matter what I use it will not be exactly the same (word for word) in both languages. It would not make much sense it was. But what’s the closest available? And by the way, I could ask the same question of the Quran, and how it’s interpreted in BM and BI, if anyone has knowledge of that. Thank you in advance and God bless you all.

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