Malaysiakini and Lilian too predict bad Ox year fortune

In case you do not know, that real Auntie Too with a bad voice and equally bad hair colour in the name of fengshui, has two Ls to her name. My name is only one L. Somemore my Lilian is real Lilian spelt that way in my birth certificate, ok? And the too I spell is the small too, meaning sama-sama and not the real Too like the fengshui auntie Lillian, ok? So, she cannot sue me if my bullshits for the fortune of the year of the Ox 2009 gets higher on the search results, ok? Now, Malaysiakini has just released the predictions for 2009.

lilian too fortune of the year of the ox 2009

Malaysiakini said :

well-known astrologists predict political upheavals marked by assassinations, atrocities, natural calamities, rampant corruption, social decadence, environmental destruction, massacres and revolutions.

According to them, the planetary configuration on Jan 25 – the last day of the Year of the Rat – will trigger another wave of world disorder which will last until March 23, 2023.

But I tell you lah, March 23, 2023 may not even come because Lilian too said Nostradamus 2012 prophecy said the world ends on December 21st, 2012. See? That means we do not have to worry too far and too much right? Few more years only, kaboom! Hamkarchan. Hampalang blown to dusts. Why worry?

Aiyah, why worry so much about what Malaysiakini or any of the media, fengshui masters, fortune tellers, Lillian Too, Joey Yap predict? Let’s enjoy the “Who lets them cows out” video, ok?

I am going to welcome 2009 doing something more spiritual like going to church. Well, not really for the spiritual side of it but since it is a youth mass and my #2 son is part of the team animating the mass, I have to obediently go along. Anyway, not like I have any hip and happening New Year’s Eve party to attend also lah.

So, if I don’t post again later, Happy New Year and go get drunk while you can.

4 thoughts on “Malaysiakini and Lilian too predict bad Ox year fortune

  1. Hello,
    Happy 2009 for you, family and friends. If the Ox gives you too much trouble in 2009 just use him for ox-tail soup. 🙂 Nay…you are not boring.

  2. Happy New Year to you too.
    What’s with so many toos here and why give that loud-mouthed auntie too so much publicity wor? Cow year ke, pig year ke, dog year ke, we will still be getting bullshit from idiots so bring it on la, I say.

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