The Gem of Life – For the Saifool, CSL and other Malaysians

You can watch The Gem of Life online on Last episode 82 of The Gem of Life is here!

Being the nice auntie on the block, I shall give everyone the analysis why TVB The Gem if Life is like everyone’s wet dream. It is quite a boring, draggy, typical TVB Cantonese drama but there are some elements like gay relationship, young girl-old man relationship and toyboy-rich auntie relationship that probably give plenty of people some fantasies. So, here goes the my very clever, very observant analysis.

Let me put a trailer of The Gem of Life to give you an idea of the 80 parts drama. That’s 57 hours of boring, draggy, corny can die stories. Can you imagine wasting two and a half day of your life with the fantasies on The Gem of Life? Not very productive eh? But cincai lah, I normally put the show on one corner of my iMac while I type away, writing, blogging or reading. Before I go further, thanks to Renee for the ‘technology’. 😉

OK, here goes why The Gem of Life, though boring is quite interesting too. I will group the audiences and tell you why they like it.

1) Old uncles above 60 years old – They love it because they believe they can be like Philip and Ho Fung. BTW, Ho Fung is Yue Wah from the 70s who play those swordsman movie. They fantasize they can also hook up with an undergrad as innocent and virginal as Charlie (a girl lah). Old uncles imagine they can marry three wives who cook melt in the mouth ‘tau yew bak’ fatty pork. Nay..we have our very own CSL mah. (If you want to learn how to make money from sugar daddy, read my blog here)

2) Old aunties – Your neighbourhood old aunties who do line dancing, tai chi and help out in MCA community centres fantasize they are like Mrs. Sung, Mrs. Cheong and those Lai Quinn Charity organisation. Don’t believe me? You will start to see your old aunties from your taman wearing sequins and fur clothes this Chinese New Year.

3) Ah Bengs – Suddenly, all the Ah Bengs start to fantasize they are Terrence and Calvin, zooming around in their kereta potong Proton Saga, Proton Wira believing they are driving a Lembukini Lamborghini.

4) Ah Lians – All the Ah Lians out there are over the moon, dreaming of finding filthy rich old husbands or rich men’s sons. Too bad Lim Goh Tong is dead lah.

5) All the Sunny gays – This is one part of the series which I really ‘pai oo loong’. Sunny was a gay. He works for this rich man, Calvin. Calvin got a girlfriend. Sunny told the girlfriend (Maggie Siu aka Sylvia) that he is very tortured because of Calvin’s involvement. And I was so dumb to think that Sunny actually armluen the woman and he feels jealous. It turned out that Sunny has the hots for Calvin. DOH, I felt so stupid! Cos I watch the earlier series without the English subtitles so I though the gay Sunny has turned straight. So, I am sure all the gay guys are now pining to see Sunny and Calvin live happily ever after. I bet Saiful love this The Gem of Life.

6) Ugly men – All the ugly men out there will find themselves handsome because if someone as ugly as Wong Hei and Bowie Lam can have Ada Choi and Maggie Siu, then, they also can find some pretty Ah Lian, no?


7) Toyboys-wannabe – Right now, at series 50, I think Bosco Wong is being ‘pau’ by Melissa. Melissa is a very rich, old widow and she hired Bosco after he won a reality show. So, all the toyboys wannabe, learn to dress like Bosco. Wear a tight pink, V-neck shirt. Maybe Rafidah Aziz may like you.

Well, after I crap so much, if you want to watch The Gem of Life online, you can do so. There are lots of links available from this site. But, I do not like to view online or download the Gem of Life because it is illegal and morally incorrect. Bwahahaha..actually, I have better alternatives……..I prefer better quality and with English subtitles.

So, don’t waste two and a half days of your life with The Gem of Life, ok? Hiaks, hiaks, hiaks.

31 thoughts on “The Gem of Life – For the Saifool, CSL and other Malaysians

  1. I also find it boring at first. I usually listen to it while surfing net. Since, I wasted more than a day of my life watching it, I might as well waste another one more day to know how it ends.

    Choonie´s last blog post..Google 2009

  2. choonie – I skip and jump until I am totally confused. I watch until 40, then jump to 50 and then, waiting for 41…..

    cariso – So true hor? Hehehe.

  3. Lilian, I never watch any of the series … aiyoh, am I missing something??
    Thanks for the writeup… now at least I know a little bit.

    BTW, I was at the New Year’s eve countdown at Queensbay Mall. There was a concert and this Bosco Wong fella was there. Now I know why all the girls (and the boys too)were screaming. Before reading your article I honestly did not know who he is! Actually, I have no idea who the rest of the performers were too!! Die lah, I so lau yeaa meh??

    So, what type of ‘audience’ do I belong to?? Blur one? Living-in-the-cave one?? or maybe the smart one???

  4. agnes – Hehehe, better don’t know mah…. O:-) But I must warn you that the Megauploadz only allow 72 mins of viewing and you have to wait 54 minutes to watch another 72 minutes. But of course, there are ways around it. Or you can download it and watch. I never download cos I got other alternatives. This is call technology mah.

    momo – I only watch because of Moses Chan, Bowie Lam and Wong Hei. Though ugly, I like their deep baritone voices and their ‘selamba’ action.

  5. momo – I forget to tell you. This Gem of Life got David Chiang also. Nay, those old old movies from the 1970s with Chiang Ta Wei, Yeh Hua, Wang Yu, Chen Kwang Thai….*holds Momo’s hand and walk down memory lane* Yeh Hua as Ho Fung still very ‘yau yeng’ wor. He marries Ada Choi, young wife-old man. But I like David Chiang’s character, so fatherly, so convincingly real.

  6. Terrence – Lei ngong gui jek mah….I’d rather help some Ah Beng than help Ananda Krishnan. Over here our neighbourhood Ah Beng kasi 5 epi for RM4 and those older ones 10 epi for RM4. Skali I see whole series, lagi shiok wei. Slow a bit but no need to watch every day. Hehehe. Helping Ah Beng earn some money for his aged parents more karma points hor? O:-)

  7. Ya loh, my wife doing the same thing, pay the local Ah Beng RM5 for 5 episodes, no need to glue to TV everynight……and can watch a few episodes at one go….otherwise like premature ej….like that, see half way kun cheong that must wait again! They always break the episodes at the most exciting, climaxing part!!
    But there is something I must add to the series: Actually this series quite accurately depict the “well heeled” group of people in Hong Kong. I used to have a Hongky boss and he pays RM100++ for a switch in his apartment(suppose to be some intelligent high tech thingy) and he has so many switches! So, these people really got too much money! But unfortunately for those who work under them, all work like shit lah! I am not sure how close our local “well heeled” groupies are to the movies but to the Hongkys, pretty close.

  8. LOL!!

    I just wasted some hours watching this series as well. As I watch it, your analysis is really straight to the point! 😀

    Astro is advertising how glamourous the show is with all the yachts, big hotels, jewels and etc.. How the rich live, a good fantasy in such hard times. 😛

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..What Are You Doing For New Year’s Eve?

  9. Really so good ah, no wonder me wife is glued to the TV most of the time and I feel like Ah Beng going to relative’s house to get the discs for her every now and then. Some more got to burn copies for all her kakis. I like Ada Choi, is that topless guy Bosco Wong ?,he’s a little better than uncle Pet but still can one puke (bet he’ll excite saiful).

  10. Lawrence told me about what you have written here and I quickly come and read. That show initially was boring and I told myself, don’t watch it and it’s so damn long – 82 episode. Siau meh…….. but later, I decided to buy from ah beng and watch. Why? I saw their advertisement a few times and it draw my attention to those rich ppl life. I wan to know what fantasy they have mah.

    Erina´s last blog post..MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR

  11. Ok ok, now I AM curious!I just watched the trailer.

    So what time and what channel?? Is it on WLT? BTW, I do not subscribe to any extra Chinese channel, so can watch or not?? How many episodes left??

    PS: Lucky you don’t have daughters. Otherwise they sure SYT wan!(How I know? Look at the mader lah!) Then you will be very boh eng to keep the DOM away!

  12. momo – I think you need to pay a lot to watch it on Astro. But hor, like toolan said, give Ah Beng earn a bit, you can watch 10 episodes at one go. Hehehe, watch until the eyes popped out. Nay, those DVD stalls? RM4 for 10 episodes for older series, RM4 for five episodes for current ones. They sell mah, I mah watch lor. But The Gem of Life is not so nice lah. You should watch Moonlight Resonance. Go tell Ah Beng, ‘Wai ai cho guet pneah eh”. (I want the mooncake one.) Or Face of Greed (wa ai pau hoo or I want the abalone one). Cos each series, they have an industry to promote. Now Gem of Life at episode 52. Total 82 in the series.

    erina – Hongkies memang money face wan. They everything also must branded. Chi sin wan. You watch Moonlight Resonance and Silver Chambers of Sorrows lah, very nice. Chambers of Sorrows show this man with four wives, the fourth wife got jalan with the husband younger brother. Wuah, it was damn chi kek ler. Moonlight Resonance, I watch until I cry ‘cos they showed the children broken up by the parents divorce.

    charles – Wuah, I also much teach my sons to be toyboys, then, no need to study or work so hard hor? But hor, nowadays, all those Nepalese, Tibetan, Cambodian, Vietnamese male foreign workers more handsome lah, who wants to ‘pau’ local boys lah. That one no strings attached one. :rotfl:

  13. awphng – Hahaha, you promoting, distributing and reproducing DVDs! David Chiang and Yue Hwa all still looking young hor? I think they botox and plastic surgery lah.

    9pek9bo – You don’t get into the addiction hor? I usually watch it on my computer, while I am writing mah. Most times, I just listen only, no need to watch all the time one. Like ‘li koh bo wa koh’ redifussion.

    lisa – Hahaha, after so many hours watching, I better do something productive like reviewing Gem of Life mah.

    Bryan – This one also call support local industries mah. Ah Bengs all also must eat, must support old parents, so I help them lor. :evilgrin:

  14. angie – I walked past TOMEI but I don’t see many people buying jewelleries also. People watch but not succumb, I think.

    toolan – Hongkies memang big spenders hor? I went to HK a few times and see those parents who give their children debit card to play those arcade games. Aiyor, the children sit there and press and press and press like play casino.

    red – He not handsome meh? 😛 You should listen to him manja talking lagi dahsyat. He came to Penang a few days ago, a DAP event at some low cost flats here. Wuah, people mobbed him wor. But nowadays, all the young men also like this style already, all polished and sparkling clean like him. 😀

  15. Fuah, who say?I more handsome than them ok…LOL *look mirror*…*eh…ya, still more handsome than them*….LOL

    You’re right, let ppl pau easier, tmr I tell my dad I quit college d, go let datin pau.I heard from my fren, got datin mau bagi 200k one month…cerita dongeng kot..

  16. I’m following this series.
    Since I’m not among the rich and famous, thus, I would need to watch their ‘lives’ in the TV.
    I believe life is that complicated in REAL.
    OK what, we can learn about the RICH and FAMOUS.

    This time, i think Linda Chung has better acting than moonlight resonance. I hated Linda Chung in Moonlight resonance and now I’m beginning to ‘see’ that her acting has improved!

    meimeizoe´s last blog post..Lunch break at Bravo Italian Restaurant @ i-avenue

  17. haha interesting article, lilian. i am so agree with you that the series is so freakin’ boring. it doesn’t impress me at all. honestly i watch it just because of wong hei. but how come you said ah hei is ugly? i like him. yeah he’s not as handsome as moses chan or kevin cheng, but he has his own charm and attractiveness. but i gotta say that i hate his hair style in gem of life! he has also put on some weight and that makes him look like “uncle”… but i bet most people like him not because of his look, but his acting skill. too bad he only played a supporting role in gem of life. and bowie is not ugly as well. please stop saying these guys ugly!

  18. Do u think u know who is the helper of melissa’s name and the two guys that is a follower of bowie lam?

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