You can watch The Gem of Life online on Last episode 82 of The Gem of Life is here!

Being the nice auntie on the block, I shall give everyone the analysis why TVB The Gem if Life is like everyone’s wet dream. It is quite a boring, draggy, typical TVB Cantonese drama but there are some elements like gay relationship, young girl-old man relationship and toyboy-rich auntie relationship that probably give plenty of people some fantasies. So, here goes the my very clever, very observant analysis.

Let me put a trailer of The Gem of Life to give you an idea of the 80 parts drama. That’s 57 hours of boring, draggy, corny can die stories. Can you imagine wasting two and a half day of your life with the fantasies on The Gem of Life? Not very productive eh? But cincai lah, I normally put the show on one corner of my iMac while I type away, writing, blogging or reading. Before I go further, thanks to Renee for the ‘technology’. 😉

OK, here goes why The Gem of Life, though boring is quite interesting too. I will group the audiences and tell you why they like it.

1) Old uncles above 60 years old – They love it because they believe they can be like Philip and Ho Fung. BTW, Ho Fung is Yue Wah from the 70s who play those swordsman movie. They fantasize they can also hook up with an undergrad as innocent and virginal as Charlie (a girl lah). Old uncles imagine they can marry three wives who cook melt in the mouth ‘tau yew bak’ fatty pork. Nay..we have our very own CSL mah. (If you want to learn how to make money from sugar daddy, read my blog here)

2) Old aunties – Your neighbourhood old aunties who do line dancing, tai chi and help out in MCA community centres fantasize they are like Mrs. Sung, Mrs. Cheong and those Lai Quinn Charity organisation. Don’t believe me? You will start to see your old aunties from your taman wearing sequins and fur clothes this Chinese New Year.

3) Ah Bengs – Suddenly, all the Ah Bengs start to fantasize they are Terrence and Calvin, zooming around in their kereta potong Proton Saga, Proton Wira believing they are driving a Lembukini Lamborghini.

4) Ah Lians – All the Ah Lians out there are over the moon, dreaming of finding filthy rich old husbands or rich men’s sons. Too bad Lim Goh Tong is dead lah.

5) All the Sunny gays – This is one part of the series which I really ‘pai oo loong’. Sunny was a gay. He works for this rich man, Calvin. Calvin got a girlfriend. Sunny told the girlfriend (Maggie Siu aka Sylvia) that he is very tortured because of Calvin’s involvement. And I was so dumb to think that Sunny actually armluen the woman and he feels jealous. It turned out that Sunny has the hots for Calvin. DOH, I felt so stupid! Cos I watch the earlier series without the English subtitles so I though the gay Sunny has turned straight. So, I am sure all the gay guys are now pining to see Sunny and Calvin live happily ever after. I bet Saiful love this The Gem of Life.

6) Ugly men – All the ugly men out there will find themselves handsome because if someone as ugly as Wong Hei and Bowie Lam can have Ada Choi and Maggie Siu, then, they also can find some pretty Ah Lian, no?


7) Toyboys-wannabe – Right now, at series 50, I think Bosco Wong is being ‘pau’ by Melissa. Melissa is a very rich, old widow and she hired Bosco after he won a reality show. So, all the toyboys wannabe, learn to dress like Bosco. Wear a tight pink, V-neck shirt. Maybe Rafidah Aziz may like you.

Well, after I crap so much, if you want to watch The Gem of Life online, you can do so. There are lots of links available from this site. But, I do not like to view online or download the Gem of Life because it is illegal and morally incorrect. Bwahahaha..actually, I have better alternatives……..I prefer better quality and with English subtitles.

So, don’t waste two and a half days of your life with The Gem of Life, ok? Hiaks, hiaks, hiaks.