Getting ready for skool

Hello. I am Matthew. I am going to be six years old in February 2009. So, my mommy and papa said it is time for me to go to skool to socialise a bit. Otherwise, if I see pretty girl, I blushed and punched my brothers when they tease me.


My papa took me to the mamak barber shop to have a hair cut. Papa said, “Tak mau cukur, tepi slope, atas tak mau pendek.” So, I got a new hair cut. Cute or not?


My #3 koko who acts cool in his new hair too. Also “Tak mau cukur, tepi slope, atas tak mau pendek.”

Actually, my papa and even my #2 koko also have the same hair style. But I cannot show you my #2 koko’s photo because my mommy said when he doesn’t wear shirt, he looks like Africa children, the bones sticking out. So, she said bad publicity to show thin thin #2 koko. Otherwise, people think she starves him.


Me again. Acting cute for photo.

I have bought pencil, eraser, pencil box and pencil sharpener. I do not need to buy school bag because I want a Pokemon school bag but my papa cannot find one for me. Now the shop only sells Ben 10 which I am beginning to hate. So, I use my #3 koko kindergarten Pikachu bag. My school uniform is like a girl’s dress because it is has Popeye the sailorman collar. So gay only, all my kokos said. And my papa wants to take off the red lining because it makes me look like a pondan.


My mommy walked past an eggs distributor and she yelled, “SO MANY EGGS! COME HERE. TAKE PICTURE!!!” Then, she pretended to buy a tray of AA size eggs just to get me to pose with those eggs.

Oh yes, my mommy told me I am a big boy already because my milk tooth is loose already. My papa said before I enter kindergarten on Monday 5th January, 2009 my milk tooth will come out already. My brother told me the tooth fairy will give RM50 if the tooth has no decay. But mommy said tooth fairy recession so no more RM50 per tooth, maybe only RM20. What?!?!?!? RM20? Not even enough for me to buy one tiny box of LEGO lah….

18 thoughts on “Getting ready for skool

  1. kakakah

    so cute lah lilian

    i just realize we have the same age sons… haiya… i feel so tua like u already!

    hey… im looking for a cake… u know… the new type of cakes like the ones made by patrick teoh’s wife…

    please help me la… got good ones in penang or not???


    cabaikering´s last blog post..Bersihkan Bahagian Bawah Kolong Itu!

  2. cabai – You think my blog is information counter or what ah? I paling pantang people comment out of topic from my blog post, ok?

  3. Lilian,

    You know where can I buy good Lego or not? Those like the ones that Matthew wants to buy with RM50.00 punya.

    Don’t know Kelantan got or not heheee.

    Eh the egg one damn cute lah wtf *pinches cheeks*

    Tan Yee Hou´s last blog post..2008 Wrap Up

  4. Yee Hou – eBay! Amazon! I also want to buy a set of police cars. Over here in Penang, all the Lego si peh lousy ones. The only decent one costs RM499. Chiiiiiisin! All Matthew wants is a small box with one police car but none of the shop sells. I had been lurking around eBay and Amazon but you know lah…shipping costs a bomb.

  5. Yee Hou / Lilian,

    Can find it in KL. There’s a lego hobby shop in The Gardens, Midvalley.

  6. kadusmama – Santa claus also recession jugak.

    guasipenangkia – You asked me a question , but sorry hor, I deleted part of it. The answer is YES. But I prefer to keep it private lah, security reason mah. Hope you understand.

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