My hubby and I are the youngest in our respective families and we have siblings who are much older. Hence, we have seen what our older siblings did with our nephews and nieces since we were young. Therefore, for us, parenting is like ducks to water. It comes naturally as we have seen ’em all.


A child will start to lose the milk teeth around the age of six years old till about 12 years old. The earlier the baby cuts his first tooth, the earlier he loses it. Most of our babies cut their first tooth at four months old. So, by six years old, the first tooth, which is the one at the lower jaw will start shaking. My boy discovered his tooth is loose about two days ago and he is very annoyed by it, using his fingers to shake it further. So, after hubby had a look, he said it is ripe for pulling.

Here’s a hardcore video of how hubby pulls out the tooth with his hands. What he did was to wash his hands really clean, take an icecube to numb the site of the tooth, then use a sterilised cotton gauge and pull it out. The icecube is more a psychological trick, telling the kid that it will numb all pain.

milk tooth

See? A perfect milk tooth taken out. Now, my boy has put the tooth under his pillow and he has checked if the tooth fairy has come to take the tooth away and leave some money as rewards for a nicely kept tooth without decay. Normally, ‘Miss Tooth Fairy’ does not take the tooth away. Instead, we will let the child take the tooth, go out to our porch (that is when we stayed in a landed property last time), face away from the house, throw the tooth over the roof. The old grandma’s tale is – a person will get a perfect set of teeth that way. Since we don’t stay in a house now, I think we shall tell him to throw it out the window. Hehehe.


Here’s the hero with his tooth. And that concludes another parenting tip from the Obnoxious 5xmom’s family. If you have a faint heart, don’t attempt it. Take your kid to the dentist or something. I wouldn’t dare to pull my son’s teeth but sometimes, in emergencies when the father is not home from work yet, I think have pulled a couple of teeth from older kids. In fact, my older boys can pulled their own milk teeth too. It is actually less stress to DIY at home, with gentle encouragement and lots of cheers from the siblings than to sit down in the dentist chair. To each his own. We never have any problems pulling tooth after tooth, except the molars from our four children.

Another parenting tip is to make sure that you regularly take a look at your child’s teeth. Sometimes, the normal teeth will be sprouting out but the milk teeth are still steady. Then, you need to find a dentist to remove those milk teeth or the permanent teeth will grow out crooked as there are two sets of teeth within the same spot.