I forget to relate this incident at SXI. My # 3 son is going to enter Form One at St. Xavier Institution. Today, Saturday, they have an orientation day for parents and it is compulsory for parents to attend. Chey…like we do not know the rules and regulations meh? Third kid already, we hampalang rules also broken already mah……My hubby kena ‘meet the teacher more than me because I couldn’t wake up so early. He meets the counsellor, meets the discipline master’ many times already. I also personally kena went to see the handsome jugak discipline teacher to collect back the skateboard that my son skate in school. Biasa ler, if you have sons, you better be prepared for these sort of things or else you can die of heart attack.

Usually, it is like this. If the teacher is a spinster single female teacher, my sons and I will fast fast send the handsome papa to meet her. We told hubby to charm her so that she won’t give warning letter for the ponteng class. And hor, just between my readers and I, sometimes hubby came back and privately told me, “Aiyor….how they select people to become teachers ah? I talk to them, I also want to cry already. Imagine the students have to bear with them everyday.” But of course, there are many nice teachers in SXI still. Many of them are very dedicated. (better bodek to cover my arse)

Anyway, back to the first day of Form One. Last few weeks, we went to register my #3 son. And they asked us to pay for a bag that costs RM25! DUA PULUH LIMA RINGGIT!

Being an accountant, my hubby pun query lah, “Wah…just cheap cloth bag, also RM25? ”

Woman admin : No……must buy. Compulsory.

Hubby : Why compulsory? Bag only wor….

Woman admin beginning to tulan : No……got badges, got ties, got belt inside.

Hubby : Chey…ties and badges only? I got plenty at home already. I got two older sons here, they got a lot of ties and badges, all still new. Belt? I can buy from Kim Novak (cheap uniforms shop), I think only RM3.50.

Woman admin lagi si peh tulan, face turning black : No….the belt got SXI logo. You where can buy from outside?

Hubby : (also start to tulan) Wait lah, I think about it first. RM25 so expensive.

Woman admin about to have a fit, eyes rolled up and pengsan on the classroom floor.

I pun kepoh lah….I hate the idea of my son without a belt with SXI logo mah…Later, teachers make life difficult for him how?

So, I opened my big mouth and asked woman admin.

“Eh, this RM25, who earns it? I hope you don’t mind but if this is for charity or something, then, we don’t mind paying. Which club gets the profit? For the students?”

Wuah…the woman admin almost strangle me with the belt. I asked nicely mah, not that I doubt they masuk poket or what. But I am freaking sure it is for raising funds. So I want to know who gets the fund.

She said, “What profit? This is not for making profits. This one from the Parents Teachers Association.”

Niamah….in the end, both hubby and I decided not to buy it from woman admin. But later on, my #2 son told me that the badge design is no longer the same as their batch because they have some yellow colour or something. We quietly went to the bookshop and gwai-gwai bought the farking RM25 plastic bag. Very reluctant but cincai lah. We don’t want my #3 son to be the only school freak without a belt with SXI logo mah..Tiu, where got school suck blood like this one? Badge got logo, belt got logo, tie got logo….May as well, hampalang go burn a logo on all the butts of SXI students lah, like labelling the kerbaus likedat.