Kick me already! The U Mobile contest winners

I know I am terribly guilty of calling for contests but never give the result of the winners. The reason is because I do not have a spare phone and the one I am using has a faulty 4GHI button. I cannot sms without the letter 4 and alphabets g h i.

Anyway…here are the five winners who won the U Mobile prizes :

FIVE PRIZES consisting of these:
U Mobile Goodie Bag and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid starter pack and
U Mobile 018 Prepaid top up voucher worth RM50

Jeng jeng jeng…

They are :

1) Cikgu Choonie
2) AnakPenang
3) Gem of Life Moses Chan’s character aka Terrence
4) Vincent (sorry I hope my sms doesn’t sound rude ‘cos I had to abbreviate everything. It took me more than 10 minutes to key in the sms to ask for your email. Vincent with 7130 ending, with email or sms me with your email)
5) ST

All your emails will be given to U Mobile marketing staff and they will get the mailing address to send the prizes to you, ok?

So, what blog topics did they suggest to me?

1) Cikgu Choonie asked me about the DPM. Oi, I takuttt….Cikgu. I no komen lah.
2) AnakMerdeka has a very comforting sms for me. She/He (they are husband and wife) said, “Just blog whatever you want, don’t care what others say.”
3) Terrence – This crazy man sms me five topics but I malas nak layan.
4) Vincent wants to know about U Mobile service. So, what better way than to give him a starter pack to try it out?
5) ST asked if U Mobile works with his current number. So, take a pack and try it out!

Thanks to all who sms and participated in the contest. I hope you enjoy your U Mobile pack.

And if you don’t get a reply from me, please remember that I am using a brick of a phone and it is awfully hard for me to sms because even the space bar doesn’t work.

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