First day of school minus the stress and the tears

Last night before bedtime…

Boy : Papa, tomorrow must really go school? Why must go school?

Getting cold feet at the last minute. However he doesn’t fuss this morning. Looking a bit gloomy, quiet and sleepy but he doesn’t resist. Phew….

Got there and we spend a few minutes with him, making sure he gets to sit with a boy. He hates girls at this age so don’t want to torture him and make him blush. There are only 12 of them in class but thrice the size in the Chinese schools K2 class. My son is going to Sekolah Kebangsaan next year and they have their own class.


After leaving him there, these two parents did what they do best. Pamper the kid. We head over to Gurney Plaza and get him the soft toy we promised to get him if he behaves himself in school for ONE WEEK. Not even one hour and we break our own promise already.


He is using my #3 son’s kindie bag which is like 7 years old already. But we cannot find any right size, Pokemon school bag so we recycle this old one. We gave him some homebake corn flakes cookies, a slice of Gardenia butterscotch bread and one Oreo. By 10.30 am, these two parents went back to kindie to check how he is. He was getting sleepy and bored. He was writing some Bahasa Malaysia words. As usual lah, kids hate those repetitive writing practice.

After that, this two no-lifer parents went to Tesco to kill time until 12 noon. Then, we grab a Happy Meal from McDonald’s which comes with a toy. Went to pick him up and get the full account of what his first day at school is like. He told us “hmmm..not bad…school is quite fun too. I get to play wooden blocks, make alphabets…..” Phew..

And Gin Gee is waiting for him in the car. SURPRISE!!!!!

(RM69.90 from Lovely Lace)

That concludes the no stress, no tears first day at school story. Only the youngest kid gets this kind of pampering where both parents dot over him the whole time.

12 thoughts on “First day of school minus the stress and the tears

  1. angie – Ya lor, being youngest is the best. Like me!

    Lays – The Teva is going at 50% at Sports Town or something, in one of those sporting goods shop. Only RM70+ I think. I also have a pair of Teva sandal at 40%, very comfy lah. My boy also has a pair of Ipanema. Usually these sort of shoes very comfy and lasting but must buy during sale lah. I don’t like those Kiki Lala and etc brands, so expensive and not practical one.

  2. robb – I saw a pair of cupcakes earring in Lovely Lace. So cute! But wait, I don’t think Zach likes that. But that pair of earrings is really cute, with chocolate topping, gold cupcake paper and they use tiny stones as the sprinkles.

  3. My mother used to tell me that I whacked a boy for touching me on my 1st day at kindie. Up till now, I still whack ppl for touching me. LOL. 😎

  4. Glad to hear he ‘survived’ the first day. This kindie is one of the best in Penang. The teachers will guide the kids to build up their self-confidence and to be among the top students in the school. Our daughter, Clarize is a ‘product’ of this kindie. Remember her short ‘speech’ outside Dewan Sri Pinang?

  5. I was thinking kumpulan Hai San and Ghee Hin and some tausahpeah company when I saw the word gin gee.. Huak huak huak.

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