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U can’t touch this – Lu mai tong chit le

Maybe the thought of my kids going back to college, secondary school and kindie have made me sott jor. But I find this video so so very funny.

Notice how the Chinese Ah Beng dances like a monkey in front of the video camera and yet, the Chinese woman coolly keep on sewing. The Chinese guy dance move is not bad and he followed exactly like MC Hammer in the original music video U can’t touch this.

My #2 son was sitting on my bed, next to me, sewing a button on his school uniform when I showed him the Chinese Ah Poh sewing while the son or grandson was dancing. He said it is child abuse to get him to sew the button. “Mader, it is your job lah.” Yerrrr, I did offer to sew but he wants to do it himself. Now say I child abuse pulak. I show him Youtube video to entertain him while he sews and I laugh mah.

In case you have a Facebook account and has been added as my friend, go see Those were the days….Lagi funny, I tell you.

Haih….I wonder how many parents have kids that go to college and kindie at the same time?

8 Responses to “U can’t touch this – Lu mai tong chit le”

  1. Hehe~ hilarious, kids these days are just too smart. And have a better life too, according to my parents. 🙂

  2. thks for ‘bringing tears to my eyes’…..

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  3. Dear Lilian, U r the best with hilarious blogs that always make me want for more. Thanks.

  4. Notice there’s actually another 3rd person on the left sitting on the sofa? The dancing fella turned the living room into his own stage, in “wa mai chap siao” style. Haha…

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  5. Hahaha, very funny vid! Oh and about parent’s having kids in college and kindy at the same time? I guess my parents are also part of this special club 😀 I was 14 when my sister was born!! Hehe.

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  6. By the way, the Chinese Ah Poh is knitting not sewing

  7. Me lah…. when youngest went to Kindy at 4, the koko was 20 and the chi chi was 15 liao!

    When she started 1st. day in Standard One both of them were at the school to see that she is ok. Took photo some more! The koko and chi chi was from the same school.

    Yes it’s best to be the youngest. I was the youngest child too!

  8. my elder son is 11 and my 2nd boy is 4 months +….so we are in the same category…hahahaaa :kissed: