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Bedtime Stories – movie is good, ok?

I am beginning to hate Gin Gee the gingerbread man. It is a mistake to buy such a huge toy because I don’t look cute carrying a gingerbread man at my age. But that’s what I have been doing every morning. My boy will ‘go to school’ with Gin Gee. Then, GG is left in the car when he reached kindie. After that, when we got home, I have to take GG down because my eldest son will be taking the car for college. Three hours later, I have to bring GG down to another car to pick my little boy. That means, each morning, before 12 noon, I will be carrying GG up and down the apartment, making the poor guards and neighbours cringe at the sight of this old woman ‘pin tai, pan kiut’ soft toy carrying habit.


So, imagine a 40+ years old man at Gurney Plaza GSC cinema carrying Gin Gee the gingerbread man, waiting outside for the movie Bedtime Stories. (because little boy got tired of GG). Sigh….we should have bought the smaller Gin Gee. But it costs only RM10 more so we bought the biggest one. Mistake.

pizza hut

Anyway, Bedtime Stories is a good movie, with all the Adam Sandler’s brand of humour. The storyline is not too far fetched and the characters are all so adorable and funny. Especially Bugsy the guinea pig. Tomorrow, we are going to buy a guinea pig as pet! That’s how good Bedtime Stories is. It is sort of a warm family, all goodie goodie kind of movie.

After movie, we went to Pizza Hut to have dinner. I hate Pizza Hut and I think I only eat at Pizza Hut like once a year. My boys like it so cincai lah, tag along. This is the Chinese New Year pizza with prawns, tuna and crabstick.


If not for this Tabasco Sauce, I don’t think I can eat at Pizza Hut. I even doused the pasta with Thai tomyam flavour with Tabasco Sauce. Blek. But the pizza is not expensive though. For RM29.90, we get two Coke, two soups, a pizza and garlic bread.


I haven’t eat sotong bakar for more than a year, I think. So, I got some from the Gurney Drive hawkers. Come to think of it, I think sotong bakar must tastes like some smelly socks to foreigners. Uwek. But if you dip those crispy, paper thin, grilled dried squids in the special sauce with sesame, it is yummy.

8 Responses to “Bedtime Stories – movie is good, ok?”

  1. If seeing a lady carrying a soft toy up and down the apartment is perturbing to your neighbors..wait till they see a 50+ years old man carrying a ‘china doll’ up and down the apartment instead! 😀 hahaha!

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..The BODEK-TAiCHi way to your BONU$!

  2. 9pek9bo – So……. :teeth: that’s what you have been doing since retirement eh?

  3. The part when Adam Sandler is giving speech I laugh till tears also come out! Si pek funny lah. LoL…

    Bryan´s last blog post..Google Pagerank Update On New Year’s Eve!

  4. But 2 GG. One in each car. Solve your ‘pin tai, pan kuit’ issue. Pin tai?, yes. Kuit? Don’t think so. Bwahahahaha!!!!

  5. since your review on this movie is good, i’m going to drag hubby and my kids to watch it this weekend..!

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Could it get worst???

  6. GG can be my companion when I drive home late at night. HAHA. 😛

    The guinea pig really stole the show. My friend can do a good impression too! KAKAKAA

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Slow Start for 2009

  7. Pizza hut’s pizzas make me constipated. 🙂

  8. Poor Lilian…

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Ills I can’t put up with