I have never met a kid who likes going to school. Each day after school, my little boy will sit there dreamily and say, “Hmm…..school is fun! I want to go again tomorrow.” I hope this sort of excitement to go to school lasts and lasts and lasts.


He wakes up without a fuss. Get ready and change into uniform. He plays Pet Society on Facebook for a few minutes. Then, off we go. If only every kid in this world are allowed to stay home till six years old before they are sent to a K2 class……

But that’s wishful thinking because I sent my eldest and second son to kindie at two and half years old and four years old. We have to work back then.


That’s my #2 son back in 1996 when he was nearly four years old. I think he looks cuter than Matthew. Or maybe not. I remember this photo was taken in 1996 around August, a few days after my mother passed away. Poor kids, both #1 and #2 had to attend full day care after that. Well, not really poor because school is fun! Blah, not like we have any choices as we have to make money to pay for the house and car loans. It is a different story now.

koay teow thng

Now, hubby and I are so free after dropping the kids at school. Just like this morning, we do not know where to go. Which wet market or which breakfast place to go because suddenly, we are so free! Woohoo! That’s my breakfast. But I am not going to hang around the whole morning doing nothing. Next week, I am going back to Mt. Miriam for some volunteer work, Mon to Wed, 10 am to 12 noon. Otherwise, I will go crazy doing nothing. Hubby is different because he has cars, bikes, house to repair or errands to run. My online works only begins at night so daytime I shake legs.


I have just cancelled my interest to join Malaysiakini Citizen Journalism course starting this Saturday. I re-look at the course timing, to be held over the weekends from 10 am to 6 pm in Jan and Feb 2009 and I know I must not be so greedy. I want to join but church and family come first. I have also committed to be part of the faith sharers (catechism class) and our priest is going to give us intensive course to teach faith to children in the REAL world. (I only knew about this church course after I registered with malaysiakini) I do not want to miss this course in church because it helps me not only in teaching children but also my own kids and to explain Christianity to those who wants to find out about the faith. I have met a few elderly persons who often ask me who is Jesus Christ, why they hang Him like that and etc (the hospital has a crucifix on every patient’s room). Since they do not read, I have to explain to them like a child.

Moreover, Chinese New Year is coming and today, my two widowed sisters-in-law came and hinted about looking forward to my cooking. I am the food caterer and family bonding organiser every year. One of them is rather old and I will try to make every Chinese New Year one of the best. The other is widowed a few months ago. (remember the relative who died of cancer?)

So, must prioritize our priorities so that we do not burn ourselves from both ends and fizzle into charcoal. This is like an epiphany to me. Jesus is the kind of guy who knows how to prioritise. When someone asked Him if he can go back and bury his father before following Jesus, Jesus said, “Let the dead bury themselves.” It is all about priority, priority, priority.

Do you know yours?