Canteen tender issue (malaysiakini) – They did it in primary school and in U too

I cannot help but butt into this news about canteen tenders. I read on Malaysiakini that :

Since 2003, ‘Uncle Lim’ had been operating the sole Chinese food stall in the entire campus. But last May, University Malaya authorities rejected his application to continue running the business.
Despite numerous appeals and even intervention by MCA, the authorities have refused to budge.

And how does this concern me? Well, St. Xavier Primary school has a balance of Chinese, Indian and Malay students. But for some strange reason, last year, they no longer have any Chinese preparing the foods. Of course, it is not an issue whether the canteen operators are Chinese or not. But we have to remember that Chinese children age 7 years old are not used to eat nasi lemak, roti canai, Malay style bee hoon and other spicy foods. Yet, they have to get used to it or eat those cheap deep fried nuggets, sausages and burgers.

All my three older sons grew up on canteen foods provided by the Chinese operator. They eat on credit whereby they just take whatever foods they want and at the end of the month, we pay the canteen aunties. During their first year at school, these canteen Chinese aunties will look after the Standard One kids to see that they are eating normal foods like fried rice, fried bee hoon, mee soup, fried chicken wantan and etc. They will report to me if the kids are buying junk foods or not eating well.

I was pissed when I heard SXI primary school no longer have Chinese canteen operator but since it was my #3 son’s last year in school and he can eat spicy foods, I just leave the matter as it is. I do not know the cause why there wasn’t a Chinese canteen operator last year. I do not know if they have one this year because my son has gone to Form One in SXI. But I suppose it is just a case like UM. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I really cannot understand why people from the West Coast of Semenanjung Malaysia cannot be as relax as the East Coast states like Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang where they have Malay owners, Chinese cooks and Malay serving staffs. West Coast people seem too paranoid. Or maybe it is all about politics?

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8 thoughts on “Canteen tender issue (malaysiakini) – They did it in primary school and in U too

  1. Don’t tell me this will be happening to my school MBS and all the sekolah-sekolah kawalan like SBU, SBS, SAB, CHS (all in Klang Valley lah har) and then this thing spread to normal schools. One day, if all the canteen all cook Malay food then I will lose my appetite on them because I hate eating spicy stuff so much till I starve to death.

    If one day our children gets the same thing over and over again until they get malnutrition in school then the school will take the blame coz they can’t get the food that suit their taste ma!

    boon kheng´s last blog post..Ills I can’t put up with

  2. Hmmm, it’s just the mentality of some close-minded people who is too paranoid and have this huge distrust of other of not the same religion… And I thought that I would be facing the same thing here in pakistan (came for some project)… But no, they are not that close minded as some in Malaysia…

    karulann´s last blog post..An egoistic guy.. what to do? Castrate him?

  3. Some of them like the UMNO cronies cannot stand us makan babi ppl. So everything we touch is non-halal to them. They forget one thing, we also touch our Malaysian Ringgit noteslah. So why are they ‘touching’ them to build mahligai(palaces)? Isn’t that worse than makan babi….oink oink

  4. I feel chinese is the new black in malaysia.. it sounds funny to say “oppressed chinese” but in essence thats what we are.. there’s discrimination everywhere.. there’s outright racism.. a chosen race which can’t seem fend for itself.. there’s rampant corruption everywhere.. i give up on this country.. no chance i am letting my children grow up as “squatters”.. i am changing my passport to a foreign passport after CNY.. it’s very clear that we are not wanted here.. if they want it so bad.. let them have a country is rotting at it’s very core and that will be as backward as any petro states with declining production in a world moving away from dependence of oil.. besides i have a feeling i will feel more welcome in this country as a foreigner.. we have a highly publicised my second home programme with perks many of us can only dream of.. it’s so sad to be a malaysian chinese.. i hope more of us will realise we’re getting the short end of the deal and move to a country where our contribution is valued.. i strongly believe failure is the ultimate price for incompetence and it’s just a matter of time before it happens to malaysia.. malaysia is dead.

  5. My kids can have those processed foods (nuggets, burger & sausages)on certain occasions only. They’re not healthy food. Just don’t take for granted that they are very easy to prepare & serve but ‘non-nutritous’.

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