Anti-war candlelight vigils on Sat night
Candle light vigils in solidarity with victims of war in the Middle East and elsewhere will be held in major cities on Saturday night, 10 January. It is being organised by the Anti-War Coalition/Gabungan Anti-Perang (GAP)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: In front of Dewan Sri Pinang

Contact persons: Chon Kai 019-5669518; Kris 016-3337678
Other vigils are expected to be held in JB, Ipoh and KL.

(Source : Anilnetto)

I do not wish to comment about the current, hotly debated issue because I cannot comprehend it. I read both sides of the stories and I do not find compelled to take any sides. I abhor the cruelty of killing children and condemn the acts.

To, me the issue is not a religious one but political or rather territorial one. However, in our country, we get the impression that it is a religious one because of the media featuring only one side of the story.

But when the Education Minister comes up with some idea that may involve my children, I have every right to express my opinions. How can he comes up with this idea of :

Students In Mass Movement Against Israeli Atrocities

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 (Bernama) — School students nationwide will be galvanised into a mass movement aimed at instilling hatred against Israeli atrocities on Palestinians, said Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Hishammuddin said the mass movement would involve those in the teaching profession and education ministry staff.

“Through the mass movement, the students will be exposed and reminded that the peace, justice and comfortable living environment can be easily robbed by people with greed,” he told reporters after presenting the ministry’s new year address here today.

The movement to be launched soon would involve all quarters including non-governmental organisations (NGO) and ministries to make the voice of young Malaysians heard globally.

Hishammuddin said the mass movement was approved at the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday.


And he quoted the Cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister approved it.

So, I want to ask these bunch of politicians who are in the cabinet –

a) Which idiotic country use their children to challenge a cause, a cause that is not in our country and a cause that many still cannot understand why. What more, little children?

b) What kind of priority do they have? When our own Malaysians got into this ‘mass movement’ fighting for a clean and fair election, they were sprayed with chemicals. When our Malaysians were out having a peaceful candelight vigil for the ISA detainees, many were injured during the brutal haul up by the police. Even a Catholic priest who was just standing there was stuffed into the police truck. So, Mr. Education Minister, what you tokkok ah?

c) I teach my children love. Love your enemies. Forgive them. Strive for peace. I do not teach them hate. An eye for an eye is not what my Christian faith taught me. Is that what you teach your children, your anak buah, your konco-konco? HATRED?

d) You want to make the voices of our youth and children heard? There are many things they want to tell you and the Government of Malaysia. Let’s start with asking them what they think of heavy school bags, bad canteen foods, long school hours, learning Maths and Science in English, examinations, fun activities and etc.

And lastly, these words from the Education Minister makes want me to say something :

the students will be exposed and reminded that the peace, justice and comfortable living environment can be easily robbed by people with greed,”

but I shall not express it because when people’s emotions are running high they tend to tear and shred reasonings, facts and truths into a mess. So, I won’t dare to even utter that, “Oh…that sounds like what is happening to us. Only thing is it is happening right here in our backyards.” But no, I am not expressing it. Probably because when I was growing up as a student, no one taught me to react with hatred.

P/S : It is disgusting when politicians abuse the sufferings of others to gain some political mileage.