I had McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

McDonald’s annual prosperity burger is here.

mcdonald's double beef prosperity burger

Double beef burger with curly fries.


A set with coke and curly fries costs RM18.88. All six of us have a bite each.


Then, after walking for sometimes at Gurney, visiting Dell computers fair, looking at Nikon cameras, checking out Microsoft Office and Windows Vista, we also go to Nike store. Then, we got hungry and ate Big Apple Donuts.


I got a bit thirsty and I ordered an iced Americano.

The end.

(and if you think I am talking about foods…..I can only shake head)

14 thoughts on “I had McDonald’s Prosperity Burger

  1. Because of RM18.88++, I have not had a single bite of the Double Prosperity to-date. Still Double Cheeseburger is my favorite! Just had it last night… LOL!

  2. Mama said not to eat McDonald or drink Coca Cola. Have you heard of anybody resigning from their American job, I’d like to apply for it ?

  3. Oh… just to add… I am NOT resigning from my beloved Silicon Valley company… LOL!

    I think I need the caffeine from Coca-Cola for the next few weeks, not forgetting having fun “yam seng” with it thru out CNY… 😛

    David C.´s last blog post..Eunoia

  4. i wonder how come the prosperity burger’s black pepper sauce is “kau kau”(thick) compare to the one I had in Klang :drool:

  5. I went to 7-11 and stocked up on Coke, Goober, Oreos, Budweiser etc. Then I went to McD and had a Big Mac and Coke. I went home in my Chevy and later took my Humvee for a wash.

    Apa maciam? Tak boleh kah? 😎

  6. terence – The humyee is your underwear issit?

    Peoples, actually hor, I watched Blog1 interview with Tun M after I posted this. You know what ah? He said it very clearly that all those working in McD must leave their jobs, sacrifice a bit for the faith. I was like, “Eh, Tun, your The Loaf bakery sells RM18 per roti, you can talk lah. Those young people working there, they need to cari rezeki. Ask them to leave their jobs, who wanna tanggung their mak bapak, bini, anak makan minum? Isn’t it easier to tell all the taukehs Cina, taukeh New Bumi and all to just close their US partnered companies, sell their shares and we all sama sama tanam jagung and makan rumput? It is like WTH lah, be realistic a bit. Don’t lah torture the conscience of those lower income people like those serving staffs, kitchen staffs and etc with his air head ideals.

    And the interviewer pulak, suddenly, don’t know why go tarik ‘bloggers yang beragama Buddha juga (blog about the Palestine issue). I was like aparah, you think we all ‘dan lain lain’ got no commonsense, heart, wisdom to feel for the oppressed and deceased in Palestine kah? We are one heart, one spirit in wanting to see peace and no more deaths. Don’t lah make us like aliens got no feelings. Ish.

  7. That’s no idiot, it’s the devil himself created in the image of Mamak. No McDonald or Coca Cola, only nasi lemak.

  8. Talk nonsense, blame anyone else other than himself, washing dirty linen in public, at loggerheads with a nation that has the ability to destroy our country with just one button, suggest people to quit jobs and step into danger zone in the midst of recession. Only a person who always think that the universe should revolve around himself would do that! I despise the Tun-ship that he holds. Not forgetting to mention disappointed. Extremely disappointed.

    On a positive note, I think he nyanyuk already. Bet you, when people really quit jobs and beg him for food, he will say: “I forget I’d ever say that!”

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