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– my sons read my blog

– my two brothers, their wives, my sisters and the husbands read my blog and they are rightfully, my guardian since my parents died long time ago. So, it is equally bad like your own parents reading it;

– my nieces and nephews read too;

– my hubby’s nieces and nephews read as well and the scary thing is they tell their grandmas who are my sisters-in-law what I (the bad ‘seh kim’) have been up to;

– some of the priests knew about my blog and when I go for confession, I must really confess or else…. hehehe;

– a few of the seminarians read my blog and one commented, “Your blog has different personas” but never mind, it is good to introduce the black and white of a person’s side so that they can be more understanding priests next time;

– church members, people who are supposed to see only the good side of me, peek into the bad side as well and the scariest ones are those who never tell me they know…………….

– my old friends, ex-colleagues, people who have crossed paths with me read my blog and I wonder if I have ranted about how bad they were, a long time ago….

– some guy’s whom I dated before has a son who linked my blog (wait, guys, don’t go ask your daddy if he knows me! but if you really need to, make sure you ask him while you and your mom are in the car, ok? Muahahahar, if his face turned pale, you are the one I am talking about! )

added : The CM reads my blog too (no, I am not being perasan, ok)

and sometimes, I wish these people will somehow stumble on my blog like :

– this one long time ex-bf…’cos there is nothing more satisfying than to show him that yay! I married another guy and I got twice the number of kids you have and I am awfully happy, without you….

– some old, secretaries who were once my competitors because their bosses were on par with my boss and they were such a bitch when my boss wanted me to make an appointment with their bosses, I want to show them, yay! I can afford to shake CB at home while you poor old hags still have to dress up as a secretary, with your wonderbras, push up girdles, ICI paints and serve the old man….

But then, I am not feeling pressured if :

Special Branch reads my blog


Tun M’s fan boi read my blog

or MCMC read my blog….

So, yeah, it is hard to be a blogger but heck, I sure love to rub it in…..