I am very confused with the news report from Malaysiakini that 21 people were arrested just now. They were at the candlelight vigil in KL. This kind of news really make me go, “WTH?”

You see, it doesn’t make sense why a group of people who were merely standing with candlelight are arrested while another two groups, who were burning a huge flags and making huge fire at the embassy and other places were not.

These groups of people are showing their unity to call for ceasefire. But one group is doing something illegal while the other two groups were being glorified.

The police have arrested 21 people, including Klang MP Charles Santiago and several top leaders of PSM, at an anti-war vigil at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

The vigil was organised by Anti-War Coalition to show support to the victims of war and aggression in Palestine and Sri Lanka.

About 200 people had gathered at about 8pm for the vigil, which was declared illegal by the police who were also present at the venue.

About 100 light strike force personnel were on hand to control and disperse the crowd.

Then, they need to deploy 100 personnel to control a crowd of merely 200 peaceful, non-threatening people with only candles. Can you see how ridiculous this is?

It was just a few days ago that I was impressed with MP Charles Santiago‘s effort in carrying out an interreligious dialogue on poverty.

KLANG, Malaysia, January 5, 2009–Representatives from six religions shared their views on poverty in the country from a religious perspective at a recent gathering outside the capital.

Ninety-six members of the public attended the Dec. 20 session to listen to speakers from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Taoism. Charles Santiago, a Catholic opposition member of parliament, organized the gathering in Klang, where he is based, about 30 kilometers southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

Things like these make me wonder….Do the Government realise that each of us Malaysians, regardless of our religion or race sympathise with the injured, oppressed and deceased in Palestine? But we feel like some sector has made it their exclusive campaign. We feel like we have been kept out in the ‘showing of sympathy’ department because only they have the legitimate reasons but we don’t. We feel doubtful if we even have any right to voice our feelings.

I personally feel people can be so paranoid, melatah and ber-drama. You know what? I think MP Charles and the others should have adopted this method of burning flags instead of using the evil candle.

Semalam, ribuan orang menyertai perarakan ke Kedutaan Amerika untuk membantah serangan Israel di Gaza tanpa campurtangan polis.

Begitu juga dengan kumpulan yang mengadakan bantahan yang sama di Kampung Baru. Mereka juga dibenarkan membakar bendera Amerika dan Israel di tengah-tengah jalan tengahari semalam tanpa campurtangan polis.

(malaysiakini BM version)

I think our police has a lot of explanation to do. Why are the other two groups consisting of thousands people being glorified on the front page of newspapers while these 21 out of 200 were hauled up?

(Chewah, after I read back what I wrote, I think I have potential to be MP also. Manyak Patpoh bukan member of parliament)