Peter & Jane Ladybird books and come be a good dog

Peter & Jane Ladybird books are introduced to children to help them to read. It is amazing how kids can just read once they are used to looking at those alphabets. They merely need to recognise the basic words like The the Here here and simple words like those.

The other night, I was going through Peter & Jane with my little boy. I noticed he kept going on and on until he lost his breath. So, I told him that he must pause to take a quick breath and when he sees a full stop coming, he has to change the tone to lower so that people knows he is going to stop.

He was then very proud to show off his reading skills because I told him who are reading my blog and he wants to show them he can read on Youtube. So, I recorded a video while he was reading. But what turns out was so funny. We had such a good laugh and he finally discovered for himself why he must be aware of full stops.

I am glad that I recorded a video of this because everything happened so spontaneously. I love how he looked really serious, pull in deep breath, wait for several seconds (I had edited those long pauses from the video) before he starts reading again.

14 thoughts on “Peter & Jane Ladybird books and come be a good dog

  1. I’m not sure if I’m ‘qualified’ to say this, but you’re a good and loving mum….like many mums out there for sure 🙂

  2. Still remember my mother took me to register std 1 at the kampong English school. And she made me show off to the headmaster by counting to 10 and reciting the alphabet from A to E. That was all I could do at 7.
    Mat, you are a smart kid.

  3. When my youngest was born, my friends gave me their children’s Ladybird books.There were many copies… a series I think.

    Lucky I did not have to buy them because my daughter never liked the books.She would happily read other type of books but Ladybirds never appeal to her.I guess at a young age, some kids have their preferences already.Today, as a teenager she enjoys books which I am reading.

    I gave all the Ladybirds away to a friend when she had her first child.That’s the beauty of these books. They are timeless and can be enjoyed for many years and passed around to be fully utilized.

  4. sue – Ini cuma manjer kat anak aje…Just imagine… :X-P:

    agnes – This kid being the youngest means I have more time lah, not that I have more patience. Hehehe, with the older ones, I am also like you, with your boisterous boys. But this video is rather spontaneous cos I meant to video him reading only, not two of us laughing till stomach ache.

    Chingachgook – I am smarter! I could write letter to Santa before I enter Std. One!

    Vino – Thanks. It is not easy but we try.

  5. No, our primer was from Oxford. It goes something like this… “A man and a pan, A pan and a man,… A book and a pan”. One day a no speaky Ingerlish parent peeped into the class, and when he heard the kids say “A book and a pan” – exclaimed in Hokkien, “ae boo koh ae pian !!?? (doesn’t translate that well, but meaning “can perform and change”). :rotfl:

  6. Great job there! Even my Bea1 asyik terlajak esp. when she reads fast. Never read P&J when I was a kid, but I love them now for my kids. But the thing is…after a while, I get bored also la with all the repetition. Bea2 will start on them soon, and I will bribe Bea1 to teach her…hehe!

    mama22beas´s last blog post..Bea3’s first day at school pulak!

  7. Hahaha!! So cute & funny!

    I remember my sis “cheated” my parents that she can read by reciting the entire Goldilocks & 3 bears story perfectly with full-stop and etc. Mana tau, when I point to certain words in the page, she don’t know how to read that word. HAHAHA

    My mom said that my sis learned to read because she saw me reading the storybook out loud. I was 6 and she was 3…

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..The Tenji Experience

  8. Ya, I remember having some LB books when I was young (not complete series) and I love the beautiful pictures. It helped to stir my interest in arts/drawing and I managed to win numerous drawing competitions during my school days. So, that’s how LB books have impacted and benefited me.
    I still keep the old version of LB books. On comparison, the new version still runs along similar line/theme but with some variations and new pictures. But I still prefer the old pictures (where Jane has shorter hair).
    My children find LB books boring. They just run through the books once/twice and that’s it. However they do read other books e.g Dr Suess and anything on their favourite topics e.g. dinosaurs.

  9. Lilian, if you need the higher level of the Peter & Jane books, I still have them in ‘mint’ condition. Can be delivered to you foc.

  10. I remember those P&J books plus other Ladybird books from many years ago. I really enjoyed the video, shows what a loving and patient mom you are. Hats off to you…. This is what I call spending quality time with your children.

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