Peter & Jane Ladybird books are introduced to children to help them to read. It is amazing how kids can just read once they are used to looking at those alphabets. They merely need to recognise the basic words like The the Here here and simple words like those.

The other night, I was going through Peter & Jane with my little boy. I noticed he kept going on and on until he lost his breath. So, I told him that he must pause to take a quick breath and when he sees a full stop coming, he has to change the tone to lower so that people knows he is going to stop.

He was then very proud to show off his reading skills because I told him who are reading my blog and he wants to show them he can read on Youtube. So, I recorded a video while he was reading. But what turns out was so funny. We had such a good laugh and he finally discovered for himself why he must be aware of full stops.

I am glad that I recorded a video of this because everything happened so spontaneously. I love how he looked really serious, pull in deep breath, wait for several seconds (I had edited those long pauses from the video) before he starts reading again.